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Book Review: Defense Against the Dark – Author Emily Carlin


As we grow into a more conscious metaphysical society and the number of related tv shows grow, it becomes a necessity to start preparing for things that we only associated with fairy tales. Now that might sound absurd, and it certainly does saying it, however…there is always the “what if” that lies beyond the truth to fiction.

Author Emily Carlin has spent the better years of her life delving into things that only Harry Potter stories seem to inspire these days. As a Dean of the Grey school of Wizardry, you can’t but help but wonder, if there is any truth to this very abstract controversial subject area that only seems a reality to those who claim to know witchcraft. As I read forward, It was the movie “The Craft” that kept jumping into my head.

From the authors perspective, Emily believes in this stuff and claims it’s as real as the illusions we build around ourselves. Those subtle creaks, those glimpses of dark shadows, those objects that seem to move out of the corner of our eyes and the very kinds of creatures that we make movies about these days. Emily has provided to the world a guide that as explained requires no up front knowledge to delve into. No it’s not intended to cast spells upon your co-workers or cause your competitors to fold up over night. If that were the case, I’m sure a few Facebook competitors would be giving it a chance. No, this book is intended for good, for protection and for ridding of undesirable spirits, goblins, demons and ghosts that may enter your life unwelcome. As she explains…. they feed upon the weak and isolated often enough that our society has misconstrued the nature and origin of these creatures. We may never encounter a real vampire, or a hell hound however its likely that a rogue spirit or infernals might enter into our lives and cause all sorts of grief. I read on as Emily gives us solutions, spells and retro lore materials to keep our residents clean off evil, ghosts and all sort of nasty cretins.

The book goes over several classifications just so that we as readers can make the right associations in the event of undesirable metaphyscials. Bogeys, faeries, shape shifters, Doppelganger, demons, merfolk, black ladies…..wow it’s a guide for fans of the TV show Supernatural at our fingertips. Now, I’m sure the read will be approached with alot of skepticism and denial. This is pretty common to our race and to the fact that seeing is believing.

With that said, Emily doesn’t hammer each into our skulls as a potential reality but better yet gives us the goods that she feels needs to be mentioned. If anything, this book serves as a cool introduction into the areas of magick and witchcraft. Even for perusers and interest-seekers it still is a firm helping of what-if’s and watch outs. I have preferences myself on which of these creatures most interest me, so the chapter on demons seemed to really touch base with a subject that has been exposed thru the church and news reports. From what I could tell, we are best to stay clear of demons of any shape, form or manifestation. If a hell hound comes a knocking, it’s pretty safe to say, your screwed, change your life or do you best to stay clear.

We are also introduced to the demons who like to assume lesser forms for trickery or possession. Though I wouldn’t go running out in your Van Helsing gear ready to take on the world so quickly. I found this as a base to accompany more bases for the sake of becoming attuned to the arts, the magick and the mystery. In short, its a very cool edition that gives as much to science fiction fans, horror fans and mythology as it does to modern day witches. Approach these tools with caution and open your minds.

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