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From the Nightshift: NFTS Productions – some crispy independent frights

I am waiting on some information from the Western New York film making community so in the meantime I decided to check out some independent works.

When I was growing up horror movies was normally good for some nudity now and again. Teen age boys couldn’t see hardcore p*rn but sure could find a way to see a horror movie if there were lots of blood and topless girls. A lot of horror movies lately have been those PG 13 remakes of movies from the 70’s and 80’s which of course follow the rules of PG 13 movies, and have almost no skin in them. I think the remake of “Friday the 13th” single handily tried to make up for all those movies and have an many topless scenes as they could get away with. I think even Jason was topless.

You might ask yourself where am I going with this? I am reviewing a short movie from NFTS Productions who made “Doomed to Consume” which had no skin but lots of blood and tried very hard to make up for it’s very low budget. The short “You’re Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre” has no more budget than “Doomed to Consume” but they have decided to use their budget for skin this time around. Elske McCain shows off quite a bit of her body in the course of the 25 minute short and as her fan base knows she is rather easy on the eyes. Next time they should give her of a script to work with, she has ability and should get to show that off with the fine body she shows as well. Scarlet Salem is in the short to tease but her big moment is when she kicks the killer in the nuts (which the behind the scenes footage says really happened, ouch).

The script isn’t big on plot but seems to be there as dirty one liners connect the ice cream eating (vanilla of course and best you believe it gets splashed behind breasts to slip down between them) and having a bath. The movie has the actresses tell the stories of the “You’re Next 1” and “You’re Next 2” which seem to be a woman gets attacked by a masked killer and dies. Each movie shows how much NFTS Productions have improved on their camera work, sound work and acting. “You’re Next 3” is a campy movie for the horny 13 year old in all of us. The gore is not too bad either but wouldn’t be the reason you are watching the movie.

There is a lot of bonus material, which includes commentary, clips, outakes, trailers and some mini featurettes (and “You’re Next 1” and “You’re Next 2”). See the movie with some buddies and some beer and you will have a good time. The “You’re Next” movies keep getting better so keep your eyes out for feature NFTS Productions. We need guys like this out there making movies. For more information check out w
www.nftsproductions.com or www.myspace.com/nfts

I have been watching “Red Victoria” which is another movie that shows you don’t need a lot of money to make a good movie. I will cover it in a future review.

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