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Vamps: Scarlet Salem


Scarlet Salem is an independent actress and model who specializes in the horror genre. She’s been in numerous amounts of films including NFTS Productions, “Pajama Party Massacre”, Haunted Autumn Productions, “Tales of the Dead”, Mike Etolls, “Mutilated Movies”, Regan Reddings, “Killer Biker Chicks”, Jason Stephensons, “Terror Overload”, and Roflak Studios, “Resist Evil! Trilogy”, to name a select few. She is also a representative for Troma Entertainment as Tromette of the Month for December 2007.

Scarlet is constantly keeping herself busy with new projects whether its acting, modeling, or attending film conventions. Keep your eyes peeled because Scarlet had many more projects in the works and many films are in production and will be out soon!

Scarlet Salem Best Photo 10Scarlet Salem Best Photo 1Scarlet Salem Best Photo 2 Scarlet Salem Best Photo 3Scarlet Salem Best Photo 4Scarlet Salem Best Photo 5Scarlet Salem Best Photo 6

For more up to date information on Scarlet, visit her myspace at http://www.myspace.com/evildead66 her website at http://www.scarletsalem.net/, and don’t forget to check her out on IMDB as well!

Vamps: Scarlet Salem

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