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Horror Talk: 10.07.2008

Well if you have been reading our interviews on horrornews.net, you know that I have been a busy little minx. I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of killer peeps and had a lot of fun doing it. But I do do it for all of you out there, so I hope you have had fun reading them! We are primping, prodding, and posting, and I wanna know what you think about it. So get your busy little fingers goin’ and drop me a line and tell me what ya think! Here’s what’s going on in our world this week:

News Quickies:
‘Because who doesn’t like a quickly every now and then?!’

-Corey Haim on Lost Boys: The Tribe: and talks of a 3rd:
“I don’t like it to be honest with you”.
Stating his distaste for the direction of the movie and the film itself , Haim says there will be a 3rd Lost Boys and it will be ‘better, more like the 1st one’ Stay tuned…

-Short film The diary of Anne Frank of the dead splits viewers in half:
Awarded ‘Best Short’ at Dragoncon, this film has split reviews on Myspace.
49% of voting users HATED it, calling it ‘disrespectful’ and ‘tasteless’ while others hailed it as ‘cool’ and ‘kick ass’. Go check it out and email me your thoughts. More on this one later…

-Pulse 3: Invasion is set to hit stores December 20th:
My opinion? They should have never released the first two. Quit beating the dead skeleton horse already!

-7 of the next 8 Films To Die For have been chosen:
Woohoo! One more to go and mama Dai is goin’ shoppin’!

-Capt Jack Sparrow will dazzle us women for the 4th time:
Johnny Depp signed to film Pirates… no 4!
Whoop whoop! But wait for it, wait for it….

-Johnny Depp signed on to be in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland
Kick ass kick ass kick ass!!! This is the greatest news I’ve gotten since they announced you can get bigger boobs by just taking a pill!
Uber excited guys. I LOVE Mr. Burton and getting to see Johnny in another one of his film makes me all tingly inside.

Night Of The Demons returns:
The remake of this 1988 movie has started it principle photography in the great city of New Orleans. This is a film to keep a close watch on so I will keep ya updated!

What I’m watching?:

Being my fav month of the year, October always produces the best chances to get horror films anytime and anywhere!

Walmart has come out with special promotions and put some of the classics in two and three DVD set boxes.
I personally picked up the Psycho set that has Psycho 2, 3 ,and 4 and the the box that contains People Under The Stairs and Shocker.
These films never get old for me. And the sets only cost $10, so its totally worth picking them up for Fright-Night-Fridays!

Also, I got Quench which is set to be released Oct. 28th (stay tuned for that review) and will soon be getting Squeal. So I will let ya know about these next week.


So ya wanna win something huh?
Well I LOVE to give things away to people, it makes he feel like a younger, skinnier, smaller breasted, evil Santa!

This week I’m giving away the DVD!!!
Trailer Park Of Terror
and if you have been paying attention to my reviews, you already know I love this film! So how can ya get it??? All we want is for you to put that pretty little mind of yours to work! Get creative and take a pic of yourself in ‘Horror-News-Zombie-mode’, doesn’t have to be elaborate, just have fun with it!Make sure you have our website addy somewhere in the pic or it doesn’t count! (You can write it on your bloody forehead for all we care, just show us some fricken’ love! haha)
CONTEST ENDS SUN / 10/11/08 – 10 PM

Email the pics to:
And if your pic is chosen we will put it right here for all to see and I will personally send out the movie! (With a lil something’ else if it’s extra special heehee) So get the fake blood, ugly teeth, gooey puss, and creativity flowing and send me the pics!!!

Well my dears, it’s time for me to go torture small children and corrupt the masses!

Make sure you come back to see the winner of my contest and stay up to date on this grotesque world of horror we call home!

Stay Twisted!


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