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Horror Gossip: 06.01.2009

Interview with Next Monkey:
I’ve been talking to Darla Enlow over at “Next Money” a lot lately. Next Monkey Horror Films is owned by 2 female horror fans. These crazy ladies have completed 3 feature length movies that are in world wide distribution. They will go anywhere and do anything to promote the horror movies they create. It’s not enough that they are the entire crew… but they are also driven to produce award winning movies. Some of their work includes; “The Stitcher, Brandad, and Toe Tags.” I scored an interview with Darla and it went a little something like this;

Moi, “You two are very gorgeous ladies with great bodies. What encouraged the two of you to make your own horror films?”

Darla, “We worked on local film sets and gave it our all, and the films NEVER got finished. We decided this was crap, we could do a better job and we swore we would finish the films we started. Horror has always been our passion, no chic flicks, so it was a no brainer when it came to selecting a genre.”

Moi, “What can you say that the two of you bring that’s arcane and contrary to the film making business that other low-budget film makers can’t?”

Darla, “A lot of people think that because we are females in a mostly male dominated genre that we probably get treated poorly…it’s just the opposite! A lot of the guys that we network with like to bounce ideas off of us. I don’t necessarily see the next monkey girls as so much being diverse as I see 2 film makers that try to go above and beyond to make their films the best they can be within our budgets.”

Moi, “Any news on upcoming projects for horror fans out there to look forward to?”

Darla, “Yes! Always be checking nextmonkey.com for updates. We have a new ghost story with a slasher twist coming up. The script we selected is an award winning script and we are looking forward to getting started!”

Moi, “The Stitcher is ‘said’ to be based on a true story. I’m sure you’re aware that most films out there about young teenagers in places they shouldn’t be are generally ‘loosely’ based on a true story and mostly put out there for good promotion. Would you say this film actually relates to an actual happening more so than others>?

Darla,”You are right when you say ‘loosely’ based. I think if you really look & study into horror films, most of them are “really loosely” based. In most of the horror movies that I have researched, there are facts about the killer in the films that are true…and as with Stitcher. What the killer wants and how he gets what he wants in based on a true person. But the story and locations that surround the killer are mostly created. Our serial killer is based on a man from 1889, and did his killings in Colorado, not Oklahoma.

Scrap Book Talk:
Mention about the review and interview and hopes to talk to Emily Haack: I recently got an interview with Director Eric Stanze that you can see on the previous post. I also reviewed the film stating it’s one of the most f*cked up films of all time. I just wanted to put that note aside and try to encourage you all to see the film. It’s not for everyone. Mostly females will be offended but I’m not like any ordinary female. I have to admit some parts made me laugh. I don’t know what that say about me but do check it out. At least read the review to learn more about it. I am hoping to get an interview with Emily Haack *fingers crossed* The guys at Wicked Pixel put in a good word for me and I did recently try to contact her. Just waiting on a reply, she is hard to contact. There are just so many questions I would like to ask this amazingly talented woman. I’m very interested in the horrors of staring in the film because you would think it was a snuff film.

Most Anticipated Projects:
I know Sam Raimi’s comeback to the horror industry with “Drag Me to Hell” looks promising. I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time now…long time. Well now that everyone has seen the trailer and is all, “Oh that looks bad ass and I want to see it.” I don’t know what is wrong with me but I do not want to see it in theaters because well consider it ruined. The people in this area are pretty retarded and loud when it comes to watching films in the theater with no respect for the film makers or actors. They will bash it and say things like, “He should of just stayed with Evil Dead and Spider Man” or something ridiculous like that when they only know Sam Raimi due to Spider Man.

Yes, this is Southeast Texas. Most of these people know sh*t about movies….I mean most not all. I am excited about the film. I really am. So I will have to get my own copy and my own popcorn so I can enjoy it more. I don’t have any news on upcoming Evil Dead projects as of yet, nothing I haven’t already told you any way.

At the very top of my list of most anticipated films would have to be Sin City 2 and The Machete. I am a HUGE Rodriguez fan so this means a lot to me. I’ve already informed you a month ago about The Machete’s news. I remember seeing Grindhouse (Planet Terror and Death Proof) in theaters and thinking this trailer was the funniest and most entertaining f*cking show on Earth and now it’s actually going to happen! Oh joy, and Danny Trejo…what a joy that mother f*cker is. Right-e-o! I am so excited! Rodriguez hopes to film Machete at the same time as Sin City 2. Additionally, during Comic-Con International 2008, he took the time to speak about Machete, including such topics as: status, possible sequels after the release of Machete, and production priorities.

It was also revealed that he has regularly pulled sequences from it for his other productions including Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Machete is an upcoming feature by Robert Rodriguez. It is an expansion of a fake trailer Rodriguez directed for the 2007 film Grindhouse. It will star Danny Trejo (in his first lead role) as the title character. Although originally announced to be released direct-to-DVD as an extra on the Planet Terror DVD, the film is now being produced as a theatrical release.

The film is scheduled to start shooting in June 2009. Well it is June now. Hooray! Trejo says that he hopes Rodriguez will be ready once he finishes another project that he’s currently involved in. But that’s not all, Trejo says the Weinstein’s want to make Machete into a trilogy!!!!!! Still excited about the Night of the Demons Remake. No news as of yet, everyone knows the release date is for Halloween. I am so there. I had always said that if I ever did die and go to heaven and become the next Scream Queen my dream role would to be Angela in Night of the Demons. Looks like Shannon Elizabeth beat me to it. Bummer. 

Willem Dafoe has always scared the sh*t out of me for some reason but this film looks pretty good and for months now I have been dying to see what that whole f*cking on a tree full of souls trapped inside is about. I really want to see this movie!!! You can see the trailer anywhere now. Last week we found out some controversial news from The Cannes. Bloody-Disgusting’s own Michael Panduro was on hand at one of the first ever Cannes screenings of Lars von Trier’s highly anticipated and incredibly controversial Antichrist, a film I think most of us are now dying to see. “What von Trier gives us instead is a thing almost never seen in horror-oriented cinema: A pure cinematic experience… If it gets you, Antichrist is a film that punches you right in the gut, keeps it’s fist in there and rips out your very being once you’re through.”

Brett Easton Ellis-
My favorite author of all time is staying pretty busy. The Roseblood Movie Co. is getting into the Bret Easton Ellis business. The genre label, a joint venture of Myriad Pictures and RKO Pictures, will co-finance and produce an untitled original screenplay written by Ellis, whose novels have led to the films “Less Than Zero,” “American Psycho” and “The Informers.” Brad Furman (“The Take”) is set to direct. Producing are Ted Hartley, chairman and CEO of RKO Pictures; Kirk D’Amico, president and CEO of Myriad Pictures; and Braxton Pope of Ithaka Films.

Zanne Devine and Michael Helfant will executive produce. The project is scheduled to being shooting in late summer. Ellis’ story line involves an awkward social outcast who takes hostage a group of peers who humiliated him, with grim results. “This is a joyously scary film, typical of the best of the genre and an exciting addition to the Roseblood slate,” Hartley said. “We really support Brad’s vision of the film, and Bret has written a smart, funny and terrifying script,” D’Amico said. Ellis, rapped by ICM and Media Talent Group, also has his novel “Luna Park” in development. Also has “The Electric Slide,” “Love Child,” “Hybrid” and “The Cup” in development.The horror/thriller-focused Roseblood is producing “I Walked With a Zombie,” “Bedlam” and “Monkey’s Paw.” RKO has “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” releasing in the fall and “Love on a Bet” and “The Richest Girl in the World” in development.

Other films I am excited about are; Dead Snow, The Piranha Remake, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and Jennifer’s Body. H2 as well. Why not.

Least Anticipated:
First look at Nightmare on Elm Street Remake- Over on JoBlo you can see a few more photos of the playground and a school room. The photo we used at the very top comes from another series of set photos that appeared on ShockTillYouDrop earlier this week. I am still very unhappy about this. I could cry. How does the director sleep at night? I would probably ask him that. I’m sure everyone knows about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake that’s currently in-production with Samuel Bayer directing. We also know that Jackie Earle Haley is playing the new Freddy Krueger alongside of a cast of young actors. So how about a photo of Haley as Freddy? No problem! Unfortunately, it’s not that great of a photo, and thus I’m not even calling this a “First Look” because it’s hardly that.

Other films I am least anticipated about; again that would be The Crow Remake, My Bloody Valentine 2, Jurassic Park IV: Extinction, and anything to do with Twilight.

Horror Comics:
Angel-Not Fade Away #2 will arrive in stores on June 3 from IDW Publishing. The issue is written by Joss Whedon, Jeffrey Bell and Scott Tipton, with art and cover by Stephen Mooney. “The comics adaptation of Angel heartbreaking final episode continues! As their world crumbles around them, Angel and company prepare for their final battle with Wolfram & Hart and the Circle of the Black Thorn: one in which no prisoners are taken and no punches are pulled.” Angel: Not Fade Away #2 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.99.

Grimm Fairytales-
Two years ago you returned to Wonderland with Calie Liddle, a scared teenager who was led into the realm of madness to fend for her life. Last year you witnessed as Calie found madness had reached Beyond Wonderland into this world. Now it is time to see Calie in an entirely new light as she transforms into the hero she was destined to become and attempts to save her baby girl from the grips of madness itself! It is time for Carol Ann Liddle to once and for all Escape from Wonderland! The art is always amazing. It was more so amazing when it was artwork done by Thomas Mason but in a previous interview he explained there was drama there and he would never…ever…ever work with these guys again. I still find the books to be amazing. Written by Raven Gregory, art by Daniel Leister, covers by J. Scott Campbell and Adriana Melo.

Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse – Necromancer #2 preview: I love Anita Blake! Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse — Necromancer #2 will arrive in stores on June 3 from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Laurell K. Hamilton and Jessica Ruffner, with art and cover by Ron Lim. Here’s how Marvel describes the book: “The Laughing Corpse…it’s a scream. Anita Blake’s manhunt for a child-killer brings her to St. Louis’ newest sensation: a comedy club with a macabre twist. But if Anita¹s going to get any help from the club’s new proprietor, Jean-Claude, she’ll have to survive the evening’s gruesome opening number.” Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse — Necromancer #2 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.99.

Ash Saves Obama
At first I thought it said Ash vs Obama and I laughed and thought maybe it would be cool. Then I gave it a closer look where it clearly says, “Ash Saves Obama” and I thought whhhaaaaatttttttt?????????? Now I don’t know about reading it since I am not an Obama fan. He’s faced them all, but Ashley J. Williams is about to face the greatest horror of his entire deadite-kickin’ career — a comic book convention! But this ain’t any ol’ comic book convention… this one features a special appearance from the President of the United States of America — Barack Obama! How do things go from there when Ash and Obama are in the same place at the same time? And did we happen to mention that the Necronomicon is there doing the thing it does best — turning ordinary humans into the demon-possessed undead! 32 pages, $3.50. Coming in August. Check out Ash vs Xena.

Rare Films on DVD and Code Red:
I was reading the CODE RED DVD blog and it says, “We at CODE RED DVD hired grindhouse trailer editor Jim Markovic to create the opening logo for our discs. Markovic, known to many people as the director of THE REAL BRUCE LEE as well as directing additional footage of BRUCE LEE FIGHT’S BACK FROM THE GRAVE and DR. BUTCHER M.D. and whom also edited countless trailers for Terry levene’s Aquarus releasing, 21st Century pictures, Howard Mauler films and other exploitation films. We are please to hire the original innovator of schlock marketing and we are happy with the great opening logo for our label. This logo is something he came up with all by himself from his “experience”. Code Red DVD’s rule!

Television Series:
True Blood-True Blood will be airing June 4th on HBO. That’s not fr away folks. Just giving you a friendly reminder.

John Lithgow will be joining the cast according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Lithgow will appear in all 12 episodes of the show’s upcoming fourth season, playing Walter Simmons, Miami’s latest serial killer and Dexter Morgan’s (Michael C. Hall) new nemesis. Simmons is described as an unassuming, mild-mannered suburbanite who has been living a dual life as one of America’s most prolific serial killers, dubbed the “Trinity Killer” because of his proclivity to kill in threes. After being tracked by FBI special agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine), Simmons relocates to Miami, where Dexter is brought on to assist in the investigation and becomes fascinated with the killer’s skills. Season 4 of “Dexter” premieres Sept. 27.” Lithgow seems to be best known for his role as an alien on the old sitcom Third Rock from the Sun, but he does have experience playing deranged characters. He’s done it previously in Brian De Palma’s Raising
Cain, the Denzel Washington flick Ricochet, and the Stallone movie Cliffhanger. I think he’ll work quite nicely as a serial killer.

Scream TV News:
I conversed with the President of Scream TV again and asked him about the series they show on demand. He had a lot to say about it; “We have the “Layne’s Late Nite Massacre” show that will be back in production this summer. It will be gorier and bloodier than ever. We still have “RedVamp’s Classic Tales of Horror” that is available On-Demand, no longer in production but still a horror fan favorite. “First Bite” a film preview show that has been out of production for a year now but it’s something I’d like to do again in the near future. One series I am really excited about is a new series from an independent called “Zombie Hunters”. We are working out the details on that but hopefully we will be getting more series like that from independent filmmakers.” He went on further to say, ”

The time and effort needed to produce a weekly/monthly show is difficult for us because our “staff” is so small. We have to work around peoples work/family schedules and the more people you need to produce a show, the harder that becomes. I know it’s frustrating for our audience and fans of the shows to have to wait for new episodes, but I think that is better than letting quality suffer. My hope is to have an easy to produce series that has an intriguing storyline, limited cast and minimal SPFX, so that we can get them out in a reasonable amount of time so that people don’t lose interest. We are always looking for ideas that fill that criteria.”

Lost Statue Revealed:
I know a lot of people out there are confused about this giant statue Jacob was living in on the sci/fi LOST series. Anubis, Sobek, Taweret, which Egyptian God is the statue depicting? If you read the

In January we broke the news that Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios would be producing a reboot of Predator for 20th Century Fox. What our tipster informed us is that – opposite the Predator situation – the plan is to stick with the original concept of only one alien on the ship. Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott and even Tony Scott are all on board to produce and have tapped Carl Rinsch to get beyond the camera and bring a new Ripley to the big screen.

Casting Call for Eclipse:
Alright I have promised to be nice when talking about the Twilight Series so I will only make fun of it with my friends and not write bad things about it. But here is some cool news for you 14 year old girls; A whole lot is going on in the Twilight universe other than Kevin Smith’s daughter giving the first film a thumbs up (really, that was news today, no joke). Earlier today you saw a hi-res look the first three official stills from New Moon, now we’ve got two more pieces of info for you sparking fools out there. Click on this to see 45 behind-the-scenes images from New Moon featuring some lip-locking between Bella and Edward, but we’ve got an exclusive look at the first official casting call for Eclipse, which is to be directed by David Slade (30 Days of Night, Hard Candy) for release on June
30, 2010. Man, they’re working fast!

Other News to Rot Your Brains:
Claude Van Damme is planning on starring in a new horror film The Breed. He has wanted to do a horror film for some time now but the storyline and scripts have always been weak up until now. He says it’s a good story with plenty of emotion. My brother forced me to see every single Van Damme film. I bet he is stoked about this. The story is set in a village where strange things begin to happen. Typical.

Buffy news Buffy news oh yea!
I alread told you guys about this a few weeks ago but there is more! A new incarnation of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” could be coming to the big screen. “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon isn’t involved and it’s not set up at a studio, but Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment are working with original movie director Fran Rubel Kuzui and her husband, Kaz Kuzui, on what is being labeled a remake or relaunch, but not a sequel or prequel. While Whedon is the person most associated with “Buffy,” Kuzui and her Kuzui Enterprises have held onto the rights since the beginning, when she discovered the “Buffy” script from then-unknown Whedon. She developed the script while her husband put together the financing to make the 1992 movie, which was released by Fox. Kuzui later teamed with Gail Berman, then president of Sandollar Television, bringing back Whedon to make the TV series, which was produced by Fox TV and launched on the WB In 1997. Kuzui and Sandollar received executive producer credits on “Buffy” and its spinoff, “Angel.”

The new “Buffy” film, however, would have no connection to the TV series, nor would it use popular supporting characters like Angel, Willow, Xander or Spike. Vertigo and Kuzui are looking to restart the story line without trampling on the beloved existing universe created by Whedon, putting the parties in a similar situation faced by Paramount, J.J. Abrams and his crew when relaunching “Star Trek.” One of the underlying ideas of “Buffy” allows Vertigo and Kuzui to do just that: that each generation has its own vampire slayer to protect it. The goal would be to make a darker, event-sized movie that would, of course, have franchise potential.

The parties are meeting with writers and hearing takes, and later will look for a home for the project. The producers do not rule out Whedon’s involvement but have not yet reached out to him.Speaking from Tokyo, Fran Kuzui said the company is constantly approached not only about sequels but theater, video games and foreign remakes for “Buffy.” When Vertigo’s Lee contacted them, they were intrigued. “It was Roy’s interest in taking Buffy into a new place that grabbed us,” she said, noting that original exec producer Sandy Gallin also was consulted. “It was based on our respect for what he does, and his particular sensitivity to Asian filmmakers, that we wanted to work with him.” Kuzui, who is prepping do direct a movie in Japan in the fall, added: “Everything has its moment. Every movie takes on a life at some point, and this seems like the moment to do this.”

We had some celebs pass away and some that are pretty sick. I just wanted to take a minute and show some respect. With an ever-present smile that gave way to ready laughter, Dom DeLuise possessed a jovial warmth that charmed not only film and TV audiences, but the actors and directors with whom he worked for decades. Though lighthearted onscreen, the prolific actor was deeply passionate about food, forging a second career as a popular chef and cookbook author.

He was the voice of Pizza the Hut in “Space Balls,” and was credited to many roles in numerous television series. He also has his own star on the walk of fame. Hans Holzer, celebrated parapsychologist and author of numerous books about the paranormal, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Murder at Amityville (1979), the basis for the film Amityville II: The Possession, has passed away at the age of 89. Holzer, a vegan from his early 40s, wrote well over 100 books on ghosts and other paranormal and occult phenomena, such as Ghosts I’ve Met (1965), Yankee Ghosts (1966), and The Great British Ghost Hunt (1975). Other books dealt with witches and warlocks, UFOs and extraterrestrials, psychic healing and hypnosis.

His 13 novels included The Psychic World of Bishop Pike (1970). Farrah Fawcett’s battle with cancer has taken a definite turn for the worse. Fawcett’s longtime love Ryan O’Neal has gone on the record and confirmed his parter’s failing health. The doctors have stopped Farrah’s treatment and she is now spending her final days surrounded by family and friends. Says O’Neal, “She stays in bed now. The doctors see that she is comfortable. Farrah is on IVs, but some of that is for nourishment.

The treatment has pretty much ended.” O’Neal says he can’t imagine life without Fawcett. Ryan has also revealed Farrah’s fighting spirit throughout the treatment of her disease – she remained stayed strong even after losing her infamous locks! “The hair is gone,” Ryan told reporters. “Her famous hair. I have it at home. She didn’t care. I rub her head. It’s kind of fun, actually, this great, tiny little head. How she carried all that hair I’ll never know. She doesn’t have a vanity about it.” a great villain actor and a all around nice guy name Rick Dean has passed away. He was good friends with Dick Miller, Jillian McWhirter and Vernon Wells. He starred in over 25 Roger Corman production.

He is probably best remembered for the outlandish performance he gave in NAKED OBSESSION and NEW CRIME CITY. Last time I talk to him he had his painting shown at a gallery and Stacey Keach was visiting him there. He always was telling me he did tons of Corman films and yet he was never moving up. Or the crazy antics he told me working on STRIPTEASER (shooting title was ZIPPER’S CLOWN PALACE) and telling me to avoid an Italian film he did JIBOA, and how he forced Jim Wynorski to hire him in THE ASSAULT. Kind of lost in
touch with him over the years and was wondering what became of him until I heard the news today. It’s a shame good actors who work for Roger Corman is ignored by the public and die so suddenly without any notice.

Top Moments That Scared the Shit Out of Me:
I wanted to make an effort to not write about news but go over some of the most alarming and mind-blowing scenes that scared the ever living sh*t out of me….mostly as a child. Here’s my sick top ten; “Don’t Look Now” Donald Sutherland lost his daughter and he goes on a search for her in hopes that she is still alive. In Venice he swears he sees her running around in her little red coat.

There also seems to be a serial killer running around in the same coat. At the end of them film you see him trailing after what appears to be a little girl in a red coat and you think it’s his daughter. When he finally corners the thing you hear the most direful whimpering and it turns around and you see what is perhaps the most bloodcurdling dwarf I have ever seen. I guess it was an old lady dwarf? That is never made clear but the scene really scared me. Moving on to a film to this day I still cannot watch, Stephen King’s IT. I have always been terrified of clowns.

Okay, clowns are one thing but Tim Curry as a clown is another. Seeing him in that sewer talking to little Georgie then going to bite his arm off was pretty scary sh*t. Then you have the whole bathroom scene with the little girl and all the blood, this made me not want to step foot in a bathroom for at least 3 days…I’m not even joking I didn’t even shower. The last part that scared me was when the Jew kid is going into a house calling his name only to find a decrepit old clown walking down stairs.

I recently watched this for the first time in a year and will be sending a review in shortly after I finish a few others. Next would be The Exorcist III, a completely underrated horror film. Linda Blair is so nice and The Exorcist is a classic…but it made me laugh where as part three really made me jump when that ‘entity’ walks out of a room with a sheet over it’s head and going after the nurse. WHEW! Freaky film. The end of “Carrie” really had me in

That hand coming out of the grave was mortifying and Sue Snell’s screams seemed so real. Pete Semetary is also another film I still have a hard time watching. Walking dead babies creeps me out and slashing the tenants is painful to watch. The dead guy walking around didn’t put me at much ease and Zelda, Oh My God! My brother use to do that “Raccchhheeell” voice to me. The film was directed by a woman which you would never guess.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not scary now but when I was younger it was pretty effective, especially when Leather face drags Kirk’s body into the back and just SLAMS the iron door! Killer scene. The original House on Haunted Hill is also a film that scared me as a child. The head…oh the head! I am a classy broad so the black and white films still mean a lot to me. Last but not least we have The Shining. The whole film is just so inauspicious and it makes me feel Claustrophobic. The two twin little girls gets every
one of corpse. That’s all for the scariest moments in my opinion at least.

My Projects:
The last couple of weeks have been assiduous for me. I try to update the news and send in reviews as much as possible. Please keep checking for the rest of the 8 Films to Die for. I want to inform you all about these films as much as possible. Keep an eye out for Asian film review, “Bloody Reunion” and a film by the title of “Birthrite.” I also have two graphic novels on the way that I will be posted asap.

Stephen King’s IT will be finished shortly as well. After teens years I finally grew some balls and decided to watch it again and by myself too! I have more interviews coming up in the near future. I will be hosting a girls only podcast which just sounds like so much fun! So we are looking for 3 other female hosts! Ladies, this means you. Keep on reading the updates guys!

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