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From the Nightshift: Horror News updates – 11.21.2008

Some News from the Insomniac:

I attended a book signing for “Cheap Scares” and “Johnny Gruesome” by Greg Lamberson. The signing included some drama from a crazy person who would say “Yeah that’s right” to every other thing that Greg said and then gave us a story of how the gun was not facing us but away (which I for one am thankful for). After claiming that another member of the audience had destroyed his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and shaking down the same audience member for some money he was off into the wilds of Buffalo again.

Greg read from “Johnny Gruesome” his novel that was a screenplay, then a book, then a CD, then a video and who knows maybe back into a film some day. He made an important announcement that he was going a head with the sequel to his cult classic “Slime City” with “Slime City Massacre”. The projected dates of filming somewhere around Buffalo would be May 2009 depending on the schedules of his cast which he would have the principles of “Slime City” returning in different roles.

I for one am looking forward to a new cult classic from the mind of Greg Lamberson. I can’t wait for the details to follow.

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