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Interview: Terry Ingram – Director (Phantom Racer)


Mike Joy: What went into picking out the right car to be used for Phantom Racer?

Terry Ingram: When we first broke down the film it looked like we needed 10 cars all the same. Well, we didn’t have the cash for that. I worked it out that I could get away with 3 red cars, one was just a shell and the other two would have to be hero drivable cars. I wanted to use America made cars, One of the big three. So the make of car came down to what we could find.

Mike Joy: In previous killer car movies like “The Car” and “Christine”, those cars are known for certain characteristics, what characteristics does the car in Phantom Racer have?

Terry Ingram: This car was about revenge. The ghost was out to get JJ back for killing him.

Mike Joy: Did YOU get a chance to actually get behind the wheel at all?

Terry Ingram: Sure I did. I was involved in all the stages of building the cars. They had to look like race cars and I needed one that could be driven from the back seat so you couldn’t see the driver.

Mike Joy: Do you have a personal favorite scene from Phantom Racer?

Terry Ingram: I like the scene at the gas station near the end of the film. I liked the way that scene worked out. For gore factor the scene with the two boys getting taken out by the seat belts and the trunk, was lots of fun to shoot.

Mike Joy: In making a car chase movie, how difficult is it to film some of the chase scenes?

Terry Ingram: For this film I used a peace of equipment called a Russian Arm. This is a van with a crane mounted on the roof that is operated from inside the moving van. Inside the van you have 6 screens that see what the camera lens is shooting. Traveling inside the van was a driver,camera operator, focus puller, crane operator, my DP and myself. We shot much of the footage at speed. Greg did alot of his own driving. Yes he really did drive the 92 foot Rig.

Mike Joy: Do you have any cool behind the scenes stories from filming Phantom Racer?

Terry Ingram: The most fun I had on the movie was the day we shot the opening car crash. The hero car was in position and we were ready to set it on fire. I looked at the monitor and the car had no damage on it. So without anybody knowing I simply walked up to the car with a slegde hammer and started whaling away on the car the crew cheered and we started shooting.

Mike Joy: How was it to work with Nicole Eggert and Greg Evigan?

Terry Ingram: It was great working with both of them. Greg and I did a film in 1998 EARTHQUAKE IN NYC and Nicole and I did a TV movie last year, PAST LIES.

Mike Joy: What do you want fans to leave with after they watch Phantom Racer?

Terry Ingram: I hope fans well enjoy the ride. It was fun to make and I think it is fun to watch.

Mike Joy: What’s next for Terry Ingram?

Terry Ingram: I just finished a TV movie for ION, Conceret Canyon. A story of a retired Sheriff coming out of the mountains and going into the city to help his son who is wanted for murder.

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