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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Guillermo Del Torro

Guillermo Del Torro may have struck gold yet again. In his latest R rated remake/update of the 1973 TV movie which was Del Torros favorite as a child he treats us to a movie that has people cringing with just the footage from the teaser trailers. He debuted this project as part of a panel at Comic Con. The footage shown was minimal I am told but should be hitting the internet in a week or two.

Guillermo had this to say about the film We are not taking anything away from the original, and we are not f*cking chickening out we wrote and originally shot the movie for PG-13, and could do that without compromising the scares But we were given a badge of honor. The MPAA came back and gave it a non-negotiable R for ‘pervasive scariness. Movies are like a pirate ship: the more R the better. Horror has to have balls. And those balls have to be sweaty and ripe this one is hard-hitting and scary like a motherf*cker. (laughs) Sesame Street: the word for today is ‘motherf*cker.’ The ending of this movie hits you like a motherf*cker.

The official plot synopsis of the film is Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison), a lonely, withdrawn child, has just arrived in Rhode Island to live with her father Alex (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) at the 19th-century mansion they are restoring. While exploring the sprawling estate, the young girl discovers a hidden basement, undisturbed since the strange disappearance of the mansion’s builder a century ago. When Sally unwittingly lets loose a race of ancient, dark-dwelling creatures who conspire to drag her down into the mysterious house’s bottomless depths, she must convince Alex and Kim that it’s not a fantasy before the evil lurking in the dark consumes them all.

Source: slashfilm.com

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