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Book Review: Hammer Glamour – Author Marcus Hearn


Written by Marcus Hearn
Published by Titan Books
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 160 pages (Hardcover)
Price: $29.95

I think my review could easily be summed up into 1 word…Wow! This latest gem from Titan Books is no door stop, Hammer Glamour is a beautiful edition in hard cover, full color and vibrant quality pages that deserves a collector location the minute its purchased. One easy flip-thru and you will be delighted with the great quality photographs that extend from page to page featuring the best of films scream queen, vamps …lovely ladies or whatever term fits you from the golden ages of Hammer history.

I must confess my first encounter was to quickly zip to the feature on Raquel Welch a true favorite genre lady of mine. Been searching the internet for pics of her in an animal bikini? Then we can do better, with these one of a kind photos that are worth the price of admission themselves.

Much of the Hammer history is given along with the trend of using a series of striking women in their productions. As pointed out, there was a certain quality that was sought in the actresses who were chosen. Many of which were not only beautiful but powerful, a good face, figure and type of magnetism.

These pages contain exclusive photos from the Hammer archives. Big, bold and erotically seducing, the women of Hammer are some of the most notable and memorable of the horror genre. As each chapter and female is profiled you will notice that most were only featured in a of couple roles before Hammer moved on to another enlisted lady to play the part in the historical make up of the genre. Though on the counter side, regular favorites of those times were the re-occuring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Each profile is presented with a bio and history of the model actresses detailing their film roles, relationship backgrounds and movement through out the film industry. It’s very apparent that Hammer served an integral part in the promotion of these talents a few of which went on to much greater things. Talents such as Stephanie Powers, Julie Ege, Natassja Kinski, Vera Day, Ingrid Pitt and Caroline Munro are a few of the featured ladies. All them different in there own ways but obviously spawned from he same batch of strong leading lady performers.

What you’ll find equally amazing is that each were given a proper photo shoot that captures them in the prime of there careers. Some of these photos I’m guessing are hard pressed to find floating around these days. Fair skin, hourglass figures, voluptuous, long legged …vampire film never looked better. Some shoots even spawned a wave of copy cat approaches that were clearly set by the Hammer formulas.

Stories reveal how Rachel Welch and Ursula Andress were forced into appearances due to contract obligations only to turn around and become a subject of some of the most memorable shots and roles of their careers.
One Million Years B.C. expected to be a throwaway role to miss Welch became an iconic photo shoot featuring her in a prehistoric animal skin bikini. Then came the expected needs for actresses that fit the bill of previous stars and look. Julie Ege, one in particular who easily could follow suite in Miss Welch’s footsteps.

Looking back over the collection a Hammer formula was in full effect that often introduced similar titles based around themes such as “Brides of Dracula”, “Dracula has risen”, Scars of Dracula”…and a number of Frankenstein titles as well. Though the real appeal always came in a fresh buxom empowered female to light the screen. While it may be true that many of the titles tend to blend in with similarities, the lovely females who graced the screen brought a quality that set the standard for genre films. Marcus Hearn has gathered an impressive historical photo collection topped with his talent for biographical backings. Hammer Glamour sings off of each page with seduction, flair and a memorizing approach.

Available from Titan Books
Also available from www.amazon.com

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  1. Agreed–this book is great! Also recommended is Marcus Hearn’s “The Art of Hammer”, which features an amazing collection of Hammer Studios’ poster art.


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