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Book Review: Nemi – Vol 3 – Author Lise Myhre


Written by Lise Myhre
Published by Titan Books

Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 144 pages (Hardcover)
Price: $14.95

Nemi VOL3 , is a collection of cartoon strips centered around the gothic character Nemi. Illustrated and written by Lise Myhre, you get the impression that perhaps Nemi is an extension of herself. Dark humor fills the pages with a personality that embodies the essence of a cynical, feminist with a take it each day at a time attitude. In many ways she echo’s the persona of every serious goth chick on the planet.

Though she still comes across intelligent and makes a point. This collection which is labeled #3 is loaded with such dark humor and socially rogue rebellious quips. She tends to mirror the notion of being hot and not accepting the reality of it by keeping things simple, staying moody, dark and specific to her chosen crowd. The intro contains a “16 facts I know about Nemi” intro per performance artist Nicole Blackman. Which also makes you wonder is there is any relation to the cartoon and the performing artist who share similar views.

Horror fans will dig the personality she emanates which clearly falls into the social circle of related genres. The author and artist has alot of fun especially when it comes to her opinions of men and how women truly work. Nemi who claims Halloween should be extended touches the heart of millions who buck the system and unite in a “had enough” attitude.

Her friend Cyan who seems to be the symbol of sensibility works off of her agendas like a Abbot and Costello team. Nemi, as the release announces is a 21st century women in her 20’s who’s strong willed sexy and frank demeanor is just what the cartoon circle needs for a healthy change of pace.

I for one, really enjoy the cartoons as they are short, to the point and offer a barrel of laughs at the expense of honesty. This collection is a beautifully hard bound edition printed on sharp and color vivid glossy paper and if I might add is great for light reading on a long journey.

Available from Titan Books
Also available from www.amazon.com

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