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Book Review: Devil Engine – Author Chad Michael Ward


Artwork by Chad Michael Ward
Design by Justin Erickson
Published Author NBM Publishing
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Full Color, 80 pages
Price: $18.95

Under the release of NMB Publishing, I had the pleasure of reviewing Chad Michael Ward’s latest art book release titled “Devil Engine” (The 3rd in his series) This 9 x 12 – 80 page book is beautifully printed and bound in full color and high gloss paper. In fact, It will be a great addition to collectors of dark art and digital erotica. Now of course, the focus of this book is Chad’s work, although it should be dually noted that the design work created Author Justin Erickson is top notch as well.

To summarize “Devil Engine”, it’s a collection of illustrative work using digital manipulations and fine art photography. Chad is no stranger to the dark art world as he continues to churn out engaging images combined with artful photographic compositions. For those considering purchasing the book. Devil Engine is a dark journey using nightmare erotica. What I mean by that is, while there are several nudes in this collection, they are tastefully texturized and posed to present a view into a surreal place of imagination. The images themselves range in stylistic presentations. While some are pushed more into the the painted look, others are straight photographic work using machines and objects to enhance the feel of the concepts introduced.

The images themselves go mostly unnamed until the chapter summaries. However, the chapters are split into illustration categories. So what we have are sections of Character Design, CD art, DVD art, illustration and photography. Now the work itself being highly photoshop composed is highlighted with the strength of a variety of interesting models. These photographs are composited into watercolor, textures and modified photographic backgrounds. A personal highlight for me was seeing the collection of “DVD collection art” produced for various box sets. A few I recognize, a few I own and and I’m guessin that there were many here that may have not gotten released for whatever reasons. Probably due to economic downturns in the horror collections pack sales……. but none the less the art is fun and intriguing and nice to see under one roof.

A few of these images I recognize from the Spectrum annual. Though with full size images, I think they are better represented here than the usual 1/4 image size seen in the Spectrum’s editions

I think it should be dually noted that NBM does a standup job in there printing and handling of color work. I know illustrations can tend to waver when hitting press, but NBM has there printing formula down and kicks it in the ass. This is proven in the fact that high blues and saturated reds are hard to keep vivid on press, but I see no color tone loss here. Harder images that contain orange, yellows and reds can fall wayside to dullness and under saturation. This is not the case here with an extreme hold on color tone. In fact the web images posted above are a clear representation of the rich color work you’ll find. Overall, a great release and art collection!

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