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Look Out George A. Romero, Here Comes ‘Ninja Zombies’

As if we couldn’t get enough of zombies over the last decade, a new person, Noah Cooper, has come into the mix creating yet another group of zombies in the form of ninjas, which then entitles your film Ninja Zombies.


So writer, editor, and director Noah Cooper has created Ninja Zombies that will star a bunch of kick a$$ dudes, namely Michael Lee, Mike Castro, Sang Kim, Erika Tsang, Chris Kulmann, Edward Miller, Arun Storrs, Bernie Quan, Kevin Shen, and Henry Kim. Why not just add Jackie Chan and Jet Li into the mix while you’re at it haha!!

The official Ninja Zombies website can be viewed here.

Ninja Zombies is about Dameon, a young landlord with no real job or responsibilities, who begins having nightmares–flashes from the life of a samurai and a sword that could raise the dead. When undead ninjas start attacking his tenants, he discovers that the samurai was his ancestor, the sword is real, and he is the only one who can save the world from a zombie apocalypse!

Hell, who knows, maybe my idea of seeing vampire zombies on film will come to life some day.

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