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Film Review: Blood Scarab (2008)


Countess Elizabeth Bathory, history’s infamous lesbian vampire who, centuries ago, bathed in the blood of virgins to preserve her youth, arrives from Transylvania to take over the Los Angeles castle of Count Dracula, her vampire husband. At the same time, the 3000 year-old Mummy of Hor-Shep-Sut, an evil Egyptian sorceress, comes to life in a museum and stalks off into the night


Blood Scarab is an independent low budget production directed by Donald F. Glut that cleverly blends the legends of Bathory, Dracula and the mummy into a new tale where Bathory has prolonged her life by living as a vampire. No longer are daily blood baths needed. Although the blood bath reprise scene is worth a look.

Monique is stunning in her role as Bathory and plays the role pretty solid and effortlessly. I kept thinking of who else they could of hired to fit that personality, and came to the conclusion that they made the right choice. Hey, the lady is hot, no complaints here and worth the price of admission alone.

This film will please most vampire erotic fans as there are many lesbian scenes that will keep you entertained throughout. These kind of films fall between an intention to produce a horror film and sort of a tribute to those late night Showtime erotic tales series they used to show (or maybe the still do?) But that shouldnt be a surprise as this is the kind of film you signed onto. In many ways its a tribute to older explotiation films such as “Vampyres”.

FX work varied from cool to hmmmmm, but on a low budget you take what you can afford, so no damage there.

I think I was less enthused about Vlad, as it seemed like his fake mustache kept wanting got fall off. Which was sort of a distraction. His part was short lived, so I suppose it filled a certain comic relief. I don’t remember Dracula being a peeping tom, but its funny to watch. Opps—watched too long, sun came out turning me to dust, damn.

I did notice some pretty happening scoring music going on and the look of the film was better quality than your straight to digital releases. Not sure if film stock was used or not, but it did the trick.

What do I recommend? Have fun with it and the intended idea. This clearly is a vampire film with a few new twists, so that alone is rewarding. Low budget has a tendancy to introduce comic elements that were either intended or not and that’s the fun of it. (I love the CU shot of the rubber beetle) Basically just about every other scene has a beatuiful hottie that is either having sex, being seduced or being bitten in the breast. How can you go wrong with that kind of action? Blood Scarab disguises itself as a horror film but ends up being soft core eroticism with a loaded number of babes to boot. I’m guessing most males viewers will stay glued to the screen to get a full dose of it. Don’t watch it for scare value, watch it for hot babes!

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