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Magazine Review: Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 98

Published by MARRS MEDIA INC.
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Color – 126 pages
Price: $9.95

Issue 98 celebrates the memory of Paul Naschy who passed away in Nov of 2009. His legacy leaves a performance of several characters such as the wolfman, a hunchback, Count Dracula, a mummy— with several others. 7 pages worth and smattering of tasty images makes this a welcome farewell to a major horror contributor.

The feature provides a tribute, and an interview with the web owner of naschy.com. Ending in a tasty overview of his films, fans can search these out to really get a full does of a legend and his ability to chameleon from role to role like no other!

First eye catcher is a short piece on the return of “Famous Monsters” magazine. It sheds some light on the trademarking, magazine and web site court battles that have ensued up to this point. Its good though to see that everything will be worked out soon for a new revision and release of this timeless classic magazine. Just in time, I say with several classic monsters becoming all the rage again!

A Fatal Portrait would strike fear into anyone’s soul as the leering King Diamond is on hand with an exclusive. His days from early Mercyful Fate into the arena he delves into now is told in detail. Even though its mentioned in the article that he was sued at some point by Gene Simmons, I always though of him as the darker version incarnate. King diamond is notorious for his horror driven freak show of a concert complete with dolls, pigs blood and Satanism… not the one to bring home to meet the folks.

“At Home with the Grotesque” provides a long overdue feature on a great horror illustrator J.K. Potter who influence many including myself. His early style was an inspiration that often used organically perverse illustrations grounded in trick photography and dark room magic. He confesses to now using the much less health infringing Photoshop…howver several of his famous book covers have contributed greatly to a new generation of image makers.

“The Godson of Gore”….none other than Hershall Lewis gets a nice feature spread. some of his early titles were earned the notoriety of the video nasties hall of fame with several new titles being equally as brutal but compelling none the less. Blood Feast”, “Two Thousand Maniacs…”Jesus Christ Vampire hunter”…… and the list goes on. Latest production includes the horror comedy “Smash cut”.

The Gore met takes a look at “Mask head” a new Toe tag production. Toe tag seems to have found a niche that works for them for the gore violent hungry viewers that like it raw and unforgiving. Mask head, seems to fit right into the underground mold nicely and still push the limits of bad taste and overkill.

More review madness continues through out with films, comics, books and what not bubbling to the surface with a mission intent on frying our brains with horror goodness.

Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 98

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