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Interview: Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)

Interview: Chris Motionless Band: Motionless in White


How did the band, motionless in white, for formed?

Angelo and myself (Chris) were good friends in highschool and started the band with a few of our other friends. Over the years we just kept having member changes till we found all the current members we have now. It’s been a long process but we’re finally settled now for good.

Check out Motionless in White “Immaculate Inconception” Video

How was it touring with black veil brides?

It was really awesome. We arent used to playing to such a different crowd where everyone is open minded and accepting of your music. It was really nice to finally for people that were at the show just to have a good time and enjoy themselves and didn’t care about going for some alternate reason.

Monsters & music are two of my favorite things, what possessed you to blend the two in such a creative way?

I’m just a really big fan of horror and characters and I am a huge fan of movies and film. I feel like music is used to enhance scenes you see in movies so I tried to flip that around and use a movie like storyline and characters to enhance our music. if that makes sense? hahaha. I just didnt want to write all these songs about 1 redundant thing so I felt like taking a risk and challenging myself to write through the eyes of characters and provide a solid storyline for them would give the listeners a bigger experience.

What musical artists influence motionless in white?

Our biggest influence musical would definitely have to be a band called Bleeding Through. That band has personally changed my life in so many ways and I wish one day to accomplish half of what theyve done. There’s even a line in one of our songs that states how much they mean to us and how we want to carry on what they created. We have a lot of different influences on this record all the way from Marilyn Manson to August Burns Red but without a doubt the biggest present influence is Bleeding Through.

What are the characteristics of your typical motionless in white groupie?

Hahaha fortunately for us we don’t ever attract the groupies. If you are refering to “groupies” as in girls that come to shows looking to hook up with band members then we arent that kind of band as a whole. Some of the guys have their fun i suppose but most of us don’t ever put out that kind of vibe that attracts those kind of people. so i guess a typical groupie for us wouldnt really be typical… it would be rare hahaha.

Check out Motionless in White “Creatures”

Next question, answer at your discretion, do you have any interesting backstage stories?

Some of the guys do but me personally no. I don’t think I should speak for them but there’s definitely been some huge parties backstage where lots of crazy things have happened. I don’t ever involve myself in that because thats not the lifestyle I live, but some of the things I’ve seen are pretty hilarious. I guess it’s sort of cliche but it’s exactly what you would imagine a bunch of dudes on tour would do when alcohol and girls are mixed in. SHHHHHH!!

How did you decide which aspects of horror to focus on when writing your songs?

I just went with what my personal interests were. I feel like it wouldnt be honest if I tried to deliberately create some sort of radical story that wasnt something I was interested in. I took characters that I identify with and that made an impact on me and I used my lyrics through their eyes and their story. I didn’t want to limit myself to any one kind of aspect because that would have defeated the purpose of writing freely for me.

What are a few of your favorite horror movies and / or horror icons?

The Lost Boys are a really big deal to me. I also really love Michale Myers and I’m not sure if you would want to consider this as a horror icon but Edward Scissorhands is my favorite EVER!

What did Motionless in white do for Halloween this year?

We played a show in an arena called Monster Mosh with The Devil Wears Prada, Black Veil Brides and a lot of other bands. We all painted our faces like a black metal band like Dimmu Borgir etc… We wanted to scare the sh*t out of people and instead we ended up getting kids to move and enjoy the show. I was more than content with that.

Is it too early to ask if you know what horrors await us in your next album?

ummmm I’m not quite sure yet. I know that I will definitely be doing something along the same lines of what we did for Creatures but it is definitely too early to know what yet. If anything I plan on making it even scarier :)

Also, I would love to meet with you when you are in town. So please feel free to contact me when you’re in the Philly area!

Well in that case ill see you in February! we’re gonna be on tour with Escape The Fate and Alesana and it’s coming to the trocodero.

Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)


  1. I absoloutely love this band. They have chang my over-all perspective on life, and without them honestly, I would no longer have a life. I love how they express theirselves freely without giving a sh*t what people think. It amazing. Chris: if you ever read this, you are my all time hero, you are the biggest inspiration in my life. I have met you guys 3 times and I could not of ever been more moved by people like you. I love your music, the way it expresses everyday life, and I love the horrors that you bring. Keep kicking, because without you, I would of been buried six feet under two years ago.

    Proud creature-
    Mariah SinMothiex

  2. Alice-Sandrine Edenberg

    Motionless in white is my favorite band and I really love Chris. My friends and my parents don’t understand me but they don’t care about what I’m listening so I enjoy it free. They think that it is a satanic group (I know, they are atheistic, like me) and just their style look satanic. I’d like to see them in real life but I don’t think that they will ever come in Moldova. May be in future I’ll go in USA at one of their shows. I <3 Motionless in white!

    • Alice;Hello Im a friend of the Family of the Keyboard Player=Josh Balz Ive known his Dad Bobby since 1975.Josh Is my bud,and his brother Bobby Jr.Ive watch them grow up,and Im very happy for the who Family.Puls I love you Comment.Have ah great day Alice…Everyday…

  3. Althaia Massacre

    Yall guys are amazing keep making awesome music..You guys have really made a huge impact in life :) #Creature

  4. keep up the good music

  5. Motionless in white is my favorite band and I really love Chris. My friends and my parents don’t understand me but they don’t care about what I’m listening

  6. caleb gilbert

    This band rocks. I love listening to them and hearing about their album releases. I’ve always wanted to see them perform in person sometime. Hopefuly, I will :)

  7. Their music kicks ass!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see them in concert with Slipknot. And even though Chris is a grown man, I still think he’s adora8le and I wanna cuddle him. <3


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