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Book Review: Zombie Dictionary – The A-Z Guide to Staying Alive – Author Dr. Dale Seslick

Dr Dale’s Zombie Dictionary: The A-Z Guide to Staying Alive [Paperback]

Dr. Dale loves the zombies…and if I must say, has picked a pretty good time to write about them in the present day gaggle of zombie films, books and walking dead infatuations. This isn’t the first I’ve seen books in this same theme but each brings to the table a new perspective of comedic survivor tips. This book takes a deeper plunge by referencing an a-z dictionary of all kinds of concerns and interest points and how they apply to the world of living corpses. Dr. Dale takes a common sense approach to each subject like decapitation in which he states its not a wise idea to start a puppet head theatre, or hiding within this pouch of a kangaroo.  I fact, it’s safe to say that almost every object or subject has a relationship to the zombies and some good advice to go with them. But let’s not forgot that as the title suggests these are all pointers on staying alive in a zombie outbreak with some hard fast rules to live by. Hey, you never know what these apocalyptic times could bring, so why not start educated on dealing with walking dead folks.

You might not realize how a coconut fits into the scheme of things, but all zombie warriors need practice items right? A blow to the head is you best and only bet to disable the undead. This idea is repeated and stressed more than anything else…… zombies die with head blows.

Other areas cover preparing for the zombies to be within your new universe. Entrails preparation is encouraged as these nasty things will surely be chewing on a few. Helpful advice like not wearing a helmet is geared at others who might have a harder time chopping into your melon if you get bitten. Even analysis bits like “Are Nazi zombies any scarier than non-nazi zombies? Well if you ask Dr. Dale he thinks that all zombies are scary as they are, whether they are dressed in Nazi garbs or not.

Observations are pretty dead on with suggestions like staying away from helicopters if you don’t actually know how to operate one. Or maybe the obvious notion that if you have a quarantined area, zombies will “still” escape. An entire collection of zombie films have taught us this bit of helpful advice so pay attention as zombies are tricky little corpses. Well if you like that logic, you will surely love this chock filled book of all sorts of zombie prep. Dr. dale is a funny guy and what better way to enjoy your humor than poking fun of the once living now feasting bunch of grunting rigor mortis phased ex humans. This is great stocking stuffer for horror genre lovers who are looking for a extra boost of dead man walking life-saving humor. The book is kept simple with subject header paragraphs. It also has a few included black and white illustrations to accompany your reading. Get with it, get your zombie on!

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