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DarkBrain.com Announces Fundraising Campaign

November 16, 2010: After publishing over 300 pages of web comics since February of this year, DarkBrain.com is about to bring one of its popular stories to a crashing completion. “Mirror, Mirror” is the story of the workplace dominatrix haunted by her dead sister, Mirriam. On the heels of the fifth and conclusive issue, the web comic featuring the voice talents of adult film star Tabitha Stevens has much more story to tell, but the web publisher needs the help of comic fans to continue the series to a second volume.

To raise funds to continue the popular series, DarkBrain.com is launching a Kickstarter campaign beginning November 17th. Kickstarter is a unique website designed to help projects like DarkBrain.com acquire funds that either helps launch projects, or help them continue on. Through a series of pledge incentives, DarkBrain.com hopes to raise $6000, the cost associated with producing one issue of a web comic on the popular web comic site.

For the planned 60-day fundraising campaign, DarkBrain.com is offering the following rewards for pledgers:
• PLEDGE $10 OR MORE: SUPPORTER – Free one month membership and the contributor’s name in the list of sponsors in the sponsor’s page IN the comic.
• PLEDGE $25 OR MORE: FRIEND – Free one month membership, a signed photo of Tabitha Stevens, and the contributor’s name in the “Sponsored by” page IN the comic.
• PLEDGE $50 OR MORE: BENEFACTOR – Free one month membership, a free poster, and the contributor’s name in the “Sponsored by” page IN the comic (and link-out).
• PLEDGE $100 OR MORE: CHAMPION – Free six month subscription, three free posters (Mirror posters SIGNED by Tabitha Stevens!), the contributor’s name, link AND a small photo in the “Sponsored by” page IN the comic.
• PLEDGE $250 OR MORE: SILVER – A QUARTER PAGE sponsor’s advertisement in the comic itself.
• PLEDGE $500 OR MORE: GOLD – A HALF PAGE sponsor’s advertisement in the comic itself! OR appear IN the comic in a cameo shot with art done for the contributor (contributor also receives the original art!) and the contributor can supply his/her OWN VOICE for his/her line.
• PLEDGE $1,000 OR MORE: PLATINUM – A FULL PAGE sponsor’s advertisement in the comic itself OR the contributor’s own full-page comic developed by DarkBrain and included IN the comic!

In addition to the Kickstarter campaign, DarkBrain.com has also opened an online store featuring 11 x 17 posters from the various comics DarkBrain produces. In the coming weeks, fans of the web comic publisher will also be able to pre-order THE ART OF DARKBRAIN.COM, a 100-page print publication celebrating the accomplishments of DarkBrain’s first year online. DarkBrain’s new store can be found at www.darkbrain.com.

Fans interested in pledging to DarkBrain’s Kickstarter campaign can do so by visiting http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darkbraincomics/mirror-mirror-6-webcomic-with-art-voice-over-and-m

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