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Film Review: The Hills Run Red (2009)

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When they hear there’s a complete print of their favorite slasher movie hidden in their hometown’s backwoods, a group of horror movie buffs heads out in search of the celluloid treasure. Once arriving at their destination, they discover that the carnage captured in the movie was completely real, and worse yet, the filmmakers are looking to spill more blood before they’re ready to call “cut.” Sophie Monk and William Sadler star.


“Hush little baby don’t say a word Mamma’s gonna buy you a Mockingbird,” this nursery rhyme plays as a child cuts off his face with scissors. That’s just how this film starts off , it’s just that gruesome. This film is a straight to DVD movie, and I’m left to question why the hell? This film has everything a horror fan will love gore, eeriness, suspense and just about anything that makes a great slasher flick. I promise you need to either rent or buy this you will not be disappointed in the least bit.

I really strongly suggest just to purchase this because I see this being a classic within 10 years from now. A forgotten film named “The Hills Run Red” that has been banned from theaters some 20 years ago this movie’s plot surrounds. Only a few movie stills and a trailer surround this film’s existence. The movie itself is surrounded by mystery and that intrigues our main character. Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrinck) is studying and obsessing over the film for awhile. He is a young documentary filmmaker looking to make it big off of finding out about this odd story. The acting in this film was very good, not perfect but just what a horror movie needs. With some wit thrown in with horror puns liking Tyler’s friend getting cell phone service in middle of nowhere. Their group even has flares and plenty already prepared, even bringing a loaded handgun.

Tyler ends up to want to make this documentary on this film that’s been lost in time. Looking at old stills he tracks down Alexa (Sophie Monk) daughter to the films director (William Saddler). She lived not to far away working as a stripper at a local club. After Tyler helps her out with her drug problem he interviews her and wants her to help him track down the movie. Serina (Janet Montgomery) his girlfriend finds out he has been at her hotel last few days and doesn’t call she gets mad. She is a cheating bitch that’s been sleeping with Tyler’s friend anyways so no big deal. Tyler then calls his friend and tells him that he is finally ready to head out and solve the mystery.

A day later and a few awkward moments between the group they are on the road to the middle of nowhere. Alexa remembers very vaguely where the film was shot so that’s their navigation. Finally getting to a spot show in a still and old gas station they start filming some. Interviewing locals in the area gives them some more footage for there film. This really starts to pick up when they find another film location and they find a ribcage. Alexa is reminded of parts of the film where a person was killed in a brutal tree ripping scene.

There is plenty of brutality from the kills shown in the film, but not in a corny kind of way either. One of the twists that make it interesting is in the distance you see a figure filming their every move. When they set camp up for the night the redneck locals find their way back into the woods. After they show up with guns and threaten to rape the killer shows his face. “Babyface” isn’t just a part of the movie as his makes quick work of them for and leaving their blood to flow into the ground. He takes Alexa then the group is left trying to escape the woods now just not wanting to die. Now Babyface isn’t just like any ol’ killer actually uses the handgun and kills in ways I haven’t seen.

Tyler makes it out of the woods trying to find Alexa and he stumbles upon the directors old house, what they were trying to find in first place. His friends encounter Babyface before they make it as far as he did.

Without giving away the plot or any further twists lets just say a bloody family reunion for a film that has never been totally complete. This film I enjoyed from start to watch it’s a great watch. It wasn’t to original plot wise and some of the twists I seen coming. That far from ruined it from me, because the stellar acting and the killer made it up for me. I’m easily giving it my bloody 4/5 stars.

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