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The British Horror Film Festival – Announces Horror Nominations

BRITISH HORROR FILM FESTIVAL – Announces Horror Nominations

The British Horror Film Festival has a number of films up for awards!

Bournemouth Pier Theatre is preparing for the first British Horror Film Festival on Saturday 30th October and the official list of nominations has now been announced! Festival Director Stuart Brennan has said that choosing the films up for awards was very difficult: “We‟ve had some incredible entries this year and some superb performances, so the acting categories were particularly hard. Our judges are certainly going to have their work cut out for them.”

A judging panel of industry professionals will decide who the winners are on the day and awards will be presented at a ceremony at the end of the evening.

Best Short Film
Mutantland, Waste Disposal, The Necronomicon

Best Student Film
Nursery Crimes, Roadkill, The Snatching

Best Feature
Devils Playground, Voodoo Lagoon, Needle, A Serbian Film

Best Director
Mark McQueen (Devil‘s Playground) , Nick Cohan ( Voodoo Lagoon), John Soto (Needle)

Best Producer
Deidre Kitcher (Needle), Srdjan Spasojevic ( A Serbian Film) , Jonathan Sothcott,
Freddie Hutton Mills & Bart Ruspoli (Devil’s Playground)

Best Actor
Danny Dyer (Devil‘s Playground) , Srdjan Topologic (A Serbian Film) , Craig Fairbrass (Devil’s Playground)

Best Actress
Holly-Marie Laurence (The Travelling Artist) , Marysia Kay (Short Lease) , Julie Grant (Waste Disposal)

Best Supporting Actor
Napoleon Ryan (Bestman) Travis Fimmel (Needle) , John Noble (Voodoo Lagoon)

Best Cinematography
Poltergeist, Devil’s Playground, Needle

Best Special Effects
By a Hair, Needle, Devil’s Playground

Best Supporting Actress
Jessica Marais (Needle) Emily Kissock (Smiley) , Jamie Murray (Devil’s Playground)

British Horror Award
Smiley, Short Lease, The Snatching

Audience Award
All short films are eligible for this award on the day

The winner of the best unproduced screenplay award will be presented on the night to Kristi Barnett for „Unseen‟.

There are only a limited number of tickets on sale for the screenings and the awards, so booking in advance is essential.

TICKETS can be booked at www.filmfestivalguild.com

The British Horror Film Festival
The British Horror Film Festival is run by The Film Festival Guild, a Bournemouth based business that sets up and runs film festivals in the UK. Their aim is to promote independent film-makers and bring awareness to movies that you might not see at your local cinema.
In its first year the festival has started off as a one day event, but is expected to grow each year, increasing the number of screenings and special events on a regular basis.
All enquiries to: Jacqueline Cockerill – info @filmfestivalguild.com Follow us on Twitter, @ukfilmfestivals

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