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Ghost Researchers and Wanaque Vortex

Information is everything. It’s the key that unlocks many mysteries. I’m the supplier of information and you are my junkies. It’s up to you to determine your intake. HorrorNews has an overwhelming amount to content that you could choke and die on. I serve a cold dish that is simple Unexplained? You can chew on it for a bit and come up with your own meaning. If you don’t like the taste, then let me know what information you want to eat and I’ll track and kill it and post it.

You, the horror fan, have more power than you might think. If anyone leaves a suggestion or criticism, I guarantee I will respond to you and try to cater to your abnormal needs. I received this interesting email and I would like to share this with my readers.

” Greetings, how are you?
I was wondering if you know anything of the Wanaque NJ Vortex and reservoir area? I have gone completely underground with my evidence of inter-dimensional existence and actually am one of the three individuals who have been researching it along with Montauk NY for many years. I used to be heavily public with this information along with Bryan Williams (Sargel18) and Sandra Rehl. Bryan is actually one of my closest mentors and friends. Despite some of the best evidence in the world scrutinized by digital photo scientists, photo experts and more…the ridicule is always the same. It is even a bit strange for me to talk about this because we have become so private about it. This is way beyond ghosts, and way beyond the norm. If you want to discuss any of this please let me know. This happens to be the ‘Secret’ part of my life and being an advanced occult student and one of the individuals with this knowledge and evidence can always lead to trouble.

That is why I went underground for many years now. Always be sure to get any information about the Vortex in Wanaque and Bryan Williams from me. You will see all sorts of SLANDER around, (mostly humans being humans..very nasty) from people calling us nuts to complete frauds. Just remember, he is like a second father to me and we communicate weekly, most people are vultures and provoke you to get a rise. Most have never even stepped foot in the area and claim to know what they are talking about. The frauds make the money and fame. (that is how the machine wants it) The Genuine articles exist among us, seemingly simple and ordinary people, never to claim even the slightest attention. If none if this strikes your interest, then please disregard and terminate the message. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. ”

I’ve been holding off on mentioning this email in hopes that the individual who sent it would get back in touch with me but it appears that he has gone “dark”. I’m not going to list his name as he wishes to remain annonymous, I will only refer to him as “the lone gunman”, but if you are reading this , I’ve done a little research on the vortex and I’m definitely still interested if you want to talk. You can reach me at joyhorror@msn.com  

This is Unexplained Confidential’s 2nd interview with a member of South Jersey Ghost Research, this time out Team Leader, Sharon Carroll is going to walk us into the paranormal.

1. How did you start with South Jersey Ghost Research?

I have been interested in the paranormal since childhood, when I began reading Greek mythology and fictional ghost stories. I eventually moved on to true ghost stories and other phenomenon, and began regularly checking the SJGR website when I moved to New Jersey. Eventually, I was lucky enough to visit the site while they were accepting new trainees, and submitted my application. It was my good fortunate to be selected, along with about ten others, out of more than thirty candidates.

2. Do you have a most memorable investigation?
While investigating the third floor of the Grand Army of the Republic Museum (Philadelphia), I was standing near the top of the staircase. One of my fellow investigators had sat down on the floor at the opposite end of the room several minutes earlier. I heard her distinct, husky voice asking a question from behind me. Thinking that she had come closer, I asked her to repeat herself–and she answered from the other end of the room. Two other male investigators in the room had also heard this voice, but unfortunately nobody was recording audio at the time. Within seconds of realizing that it had been a disembodied voice we had all heard, the motion sensor positioned at the top of the staircase indicated that it had detected movement. Although I have sensed spirit presences in other locations, seen shadows, and gotten accurate psychic impressions while on other investigations, this experience was memorable for me because the spirit had mimicked my friend perfectly. I just wish the voice had been louder, so I could have understood it!

3. How about cemetery investigations?
I have longed to ‘see’ a ghost since childhood, but it never seemed to be my luck. While I would occasionally see a shadow figure, I never saw an actual apparition in more than 2 years of investigating. Since everyone has different talents, I began to think that visually seeing a spirit was not one of mine. That is, until I attended a cemetery investigation for trainees in a place just a few miles from home. I was with 2 fellow investigators, walking down a paved road near the edge of the cemetery. There is a strand of evergreen trees lining this border of the graveyard, with about 3 feet in between each tree. I looked at the tree line, & saw a young man with short, light colored hair walk past me. Startled, I called to my fellow investigators and walked in between those trees so I could see if there was an actual person who had walked past. Although there was a path on this side of the trees, there was no live person walking there. Between the moonlight and the street lights, I could see quite a distance in every direction but the mystery man had vanished.

4. How often do you go on these investigations?
SJGR is very active, and we regularly have investigations scheduled every Friday and Saturday night. But before the investigation can even start, we are answering questions from potential clients, sending them our questionnaire, and visiting the site in person so they can meet us & we can review their answers. These preliminary visits are extremely important, because the clients can ask us any questions and get immediate advice. We get to see the layout of the home or building, so we can recommend the approximate number of investigators needed and suggest meeting places for the team. After the case is over, our reports are due within 2 weeks and one team member is appointed to keep in contact with the client. Depending on the number of reports I have due, the number of prelims I have scheduled, and the amount of follow up I am involved in, I still try to make myself available for 2-4 cases per month.

5. How can I become a SJGR Certified Investigator?
SJGR has an extensive screening and training process. We are always aware that our investigators are going into private homes and dealing with families, so we need to be certain of the integrity of the people we select. After submitting an application, potential candidates are sent additional questions. Based on those responses, some are invited to the new member interviews. From that group, anywhere from 8-12 people are selected and immediately begin an intensive three month training. Trainees attend classroom sessions to learn about SJGR policy, equipment training, & psychic protection. They also participate in mock investigations of private homes, and outdoor/cemetery investigations. Each person is given a written test, and must achieve a passing grade of 80% or better. Although they are certified at that point, training and learning are emphasized and continue as long as you are a member.

HorrorNews and Unexplained Confidential is proud to present Tortured Torri, one hell of an awesome horror fan :

” My earliest memory of watching a horror movie when I was a kid was when my dad made me watch Halloween for the first time. It was on Halloween and he cared a pumpkin and put it on top of the T.V., lit it, and turned out all the lights to make it ten times more horrifying to watch. “

I hope you enjoyed this week’s journey into the unknown. Please remember you can also get to touch with me at http://www.americashauntedroadtrip.com/profile/Joyhorror

Later F’N’ Later,

Mike Joy

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  1. The vortex is a gateway to a new dimension. It splits our consciousness into pieces. We can remain on earth in this dimension but a part of us will leave and we won’t even realize it. It will only leave if you have a good soul and remain “clean” in the eyes of the beings who operate the vortex. The vortex is constantly engaged in battle between good and evil. Good people can’t cross it when the evil beings (reptilians or what have you) are in charge.


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