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NEW Tin Tote Lunch Boxes!

From David Schmoeller,  the director of PUPPET MASTER and TOURIST TRAP, comes a long, strange trip into a place beyond imagination and fear, into that dark space between Heaven and Hell. Welcome to…the NETHERWORLD!

After inheriting a sprawling estate in the eerie bayous of Louisiana, Corey Thornton’s life is about to change forever. Through instructions left to him at the mansion, Corey learns of his late father’s bizarre plan and last wish to be resurrected and is introduced to a very sensual and sexy woman, Delores, a mistress of black magic who drags the helpless young man into web of forbidden desires and horrifying visions of his dead dad…and things far, far worse!

Beautifully shot by Adolfo Bartoli (THE PRIMEVALS, THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM) and co-starring the stunning Anjanette Comer (THE BABY, NIGHT OF A THOUSAND CATS), NETHERWOLD is one of Full Moon’s most bizarre and hallucinatory films, and is presented here on Blu-ray and DVD totally uncut and remastered from the original camera negative!

ALSO! In case you missed grabbing them, we have the following awesome Full Moon BLU-RAY faves back in stock!

Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl
Baby Oopsie 2: Murder Dolls
Blade: The Iron Cross
Evil Bong 888
Fairy Tales
Full Moon Legacy Box Set: Vol 01
Giantess Battle Attack
Head of the Family
Island of the Fishmen
Orgy of the Living Dead
Puppet Master: Doktor Death
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 2
Subspecies III: Bloodlust

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