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UK Indie Giallo Slasher Nears Completion

You’ve seen one slasher movie, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! The makers of the forthcoming UK indie film The Blade Cuts Deeper are planning to change all that, with a fresh and fearsome take on the genre – with their gore-soaked, Giallo-inspired story of a widower out for revenge, against the maker a lurid true-crime webs series who has made a mockery of his wife’s death.

With a professional cast, some truly gruesome kill scenes, and a tense, taut storyline, The Blade Cuts Deeper promises to be a memorable, no-nonsense treat for horror fans, and is notable for being that rarest of beasts –  a Liverpool-based slasher horror!

The Blade Cuts Deeper is directed Gene Dolders, who penned the script with comic writer A J Ballard (Slaughterhouse Farm, Slaughterhouse-Z). Having previously collaborated together on the Fulci-inspired short film Death Is Not A Whisper, the pair – irritated by the turgid, murder-by-numbers format of contemporary slashers – are striking back with their own unique, atmospheric and unforgivingly brutal horror movie.
With two thirds of the filming completed, they now need your help to get the final part in the can. Head over to the Kickstarter page to have a look at the project and choose one of the superb perks on offer – including cool T-shirts and even a chance to nab a bloodied prop from the film.

The campaign runs until the end of March – so do your bit to support home grown UK horror – otherwise, who knows, you might find yourself in cruel assassin The Widowmaker’s crosshairs, and we wouldn’t want that now would we!

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