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Seeds of the Dead Presents: “The Container” (2023) Movie Trailer

Prepare to be on the edge of your seat with Killerbeam Entertainment’s newly released trailer for their Proof of Concept Short Film, Seeds of the Dead: “The Container,” directed by Andy Kumpon and Gary Malick.

This bone-chilling short film follows the harrowing story of Kenneth McGregor, who plays a homeless veteran, and his loyal companion Magnus, a dog, as they struggle to survive in a storage container. Haunted by chilling visions, their situation worsens when a powerful biotech company targets a nearby homeless encampment, leading to a series of terrifying events.

As the veteran and his dog struggle to survive in the face of mounting challenges, “Seeds of the Dead “The Container” takes you on a thrilling ride full of suspense and horror. A must-watch for horror fans and anyone who loves a gripping tale full of unexpected twists and turns.

Please visit our website for more information: http://www.killerbeamfilms.com

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