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Dark Sky Films Brings German Hit, A Pure Place, To Digital on 4/7

A Pure Place is a tale about love, rebellion, and what it actually means to be clean.

A Pure Place

Directed By Nikias Chryssos

Coming To Digital & VOD on April 7th

“Sumptuous costuming and production design, together with Yoshi Heimrath’s lucid cinematography, make this a feast for the eyes.”- Eye For Film

“Nikias Chryssos slickly stylised cult movie exposes the fascistic flaws and filth in one mans insular utopia”- Projected Figures

An off beat coming-of-age tale about two young siblings engulfed in a secret community obsessed with soap, located on a remote Greek island

A Pure Place

Directed By Nikias Chryssos

Coming to digital on April 7th


A young and feeble boy named Paul (12) is kept captive along with his sister Irina (15) and a couple of other grubby kids on a secluded island in Greece. They spend their days manufacturing soap for their boss, a religious fanatic and self-proclaimed guru called Fust, son to a German industrialist and a Greek mother. The charismatic leader presents himself as a successor of ancient priests, promoting a cult of “purity” mixing Greek mythology and the legend of Hygeia, the Goddess of health, with Wagnerian pathos. In the upper world, the compound is filled with a swarm of members who seek to become clean and enlightened, while on the manufacturing underworld, children and the “unclean” alike celebrate their grimy existence.

The siblings’ harmonic life amidst the dirt is threatened when Irina is invited to join the upper world of the cult and discovers a newfound taste for praise and desire. A jealous Paul, not accepting his sister’s wish to become clean, plots a plan against the cult and the figures that have disrupted his life. With the help of his unwashed friends, Paul takes matters into his own hands and seeks to save Irina before the arrival of the last sign which will mark the transition into a better world, Elysion.

A Pure Place

Directed & Written by: Nikias Chryssos & Lars Henning Jung

Produced by: Alexis Von Wittgenstein

Country of Origin: Germany

Language: German

Genre: Mystery/Drama

Distributor: Dark Sky Films

Run Time: 92 minutes

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