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Horror Movies That Have Inspired Video Games

Horror movies are great, aren’t they? They suck you in while you’re watching and get the adrenaline pumping. There’s nothing like it. And, what’s even better where horror flicks are concerned is when they go on to inspire other forms of entertainment so that they can be enjoyed in a different way. Scary films have long been the inspiration behind video games, and we’ve picked out some of the best of them below.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead is one of the most recent examples of a horror movie that has been turned into a video game. It’s something that is becoming more common as time goes on, and horror movies are now inspiring games as far afield as slot machines, which are accessible at the popular online casinos all over the world. As everyone will probably know, Evil Dead is more than just a film, it’s a highly successful film franchise, and it was only a matter of time before it began making its way into the video game space.

Friday The 13th

Again, similar to Evil Dead, Friday the 13th is a successful film franchise that has been a hit in the horror genre for years. Like many other horror games on the market, this one is all about survival, but it has the added bonus of that true Friday the 13th authenticity. And, rather than making the title limited to playing as one character, players can take control of eight different ones who appear in the movie, essentially creating their own story around the goings on at Crystal Lake.

The Blair Witch Project

When The Blair Witch Project hit cinemas worldwide, it changed the horror landscape for good. Witches have always been popular where the genre is concerned, but this movie did it differently, which is why so many people bought into it from the get-go. A great horror movie will create a fantastic video game version of itself when they follow the same structure and path, which couldn’t be more true here. Both are slow developers in terms of the story, and this works well on the video game front when you consider it’s an open-world title, and there’s character progression involved, so you never miss a step.


As you will probably gather, it seems to be horror movie franchises that enjoy a lot of success when creating horror-based video games. It could be because they can adjust things as they go, making improvements along the way, while fans of the movies buy into the video game releases as new instalments of the film series drop. Alien has been fantastic in this sense and is one of the most renowned for the video games that have been produced on the back of the franchise. Alien Isolation, released in 2014, is arguably the best pick, largely because it does a great job of adapting what’s on show in the film into the game in terms of the environment.

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