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‘Apollo’ lifts off with Uncork’d

Uncork’d Entertainment has acquired SECRET SPACE UFOs : APOLLO 1-11, skedding the doc for an April, 2023 streaming release.
The film hails from acclaimed filmmaker Darcy Weir, whose previous work boasts such captivating titles as SECRET SPACE UFOs : NASA’s FIRST MISSIONS, BEING TAKEN and THE BITCOIN FIELD GUIDE.

The UFO phenomenon has been recorded far beyond the boundaries of Earth with hundreds of sightings during the Apollo missions 1-11. James Fox, Darcy Weir, Mike Bara and Richard Dolan discuss this hidden history of UFOs in space and structures on the Moon. A history of NASA’s early Apollo missions as astronauts endeavor to set foot on the moon and go further in space than any man has before.

“Another fascinating, eye-opening documentary from Darcy Weir, SECRET SPACE UFOs : APOLLO 1-11 is one of our most anticipated non-fiction releases for first quarter, 2023”, said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “You’ll be absolutely intrigued by the findings in this film, and what Fox, Weir, Bara and Dolan reveal. The truth really is out there, it seems.”

Says Weir, “I have spent the greater part of the past decade researching Apollo era UFOs and anomalies reported by our NASA astronauts. With the help of fellow filmmaker James Fox (The Phenomenon), I was able to unpack an entertaining and profound experience regarding those early Apollo space missions.”.

Darcy Weir negotiated the deal on behalf of the film team with Keith Leopard of Uncork’d Entertainment.

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