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BUNKER – WW1 Thriller Coming to theaters February 24th!

Blue Fox Entertainment is excited to announce that the highly-anticipated WW1 genre thriller BUNKER will be opening in theaters only February 24th!

BUNKER is directed by Adrian Langley (BUTCHERS), written by Michael Huntsman (FISH LAKE), and produced by his father and Blue Fox Entertainment founder James Huntsman (CHURCH AND STATE), and Patrick Rizzotti (THE COLLECTOR franchise). It stars Luke Baines (UNDER THE SILVER LAKE), Eddie Ramos (TNT’s Animal Kingdom), Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption II), Sean Cullen (Netfilx’s Mindhunter), Julian Feder (A BOY CALLED PO), and Kevin Tanski (TOPSIDE), with theater veteran Patrick Moltane as the volatile “Lieutenant Turner.”

Set in the waning days of World War I, BUNKER tells of an embattled group of American and British soldiers who are ambushed by the opposition, and must flee into a bunker with a German POW in tow. It’s as they travel deeper into the earth that they realize a greater threat has joined them… an ungodly presence that twists their minds and warps reality, experiencing the true hell of war.

Trapped in a bunker during World War I, a group of soldiers are faced with an ungodly presence that slowly turns them against each other. As paranoia and fear grow between them, the men experience the true hell of war.

“After developing this project for over 4 years, I’m so proud of the team we’ve assembled,” said Blue Fox Entertainment’s James Huntsman. “Adrian, Michael and Patrick together with our amazing cast and crew helped to create a unique vision we believe will entertain audiences around the world.”

Director Adrian Langley added, “WWI genre thrillers are very rare, and so directing BUNKER came with both unique challenges and opportunities. Blue Fox was exceptionally supportive of me and my vision for the film, and I think we’ve made something distinctive and imaginative.”


Distributor: Blue Fox Entertainment

Directed by: Adrian Langley

Written by: Michael Huntsman

Produced By: James Huntsman, Patrick Rizzotti

Cast: Eddie Ramos, Luke Baines, Sean Cullen, Roger Clark, Julian Feder, Kevin Tanski, Patrick Moltane, Kayla Radomski, Quinn Moran

Website: https://www.bluefoxentertainment.com/films/bunker

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8010064

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