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Death Blow Final Days

We are running this campaign to recoup our budget that we used to make Death Blow this money goes to pay our super talented cast, feed them and for props, special fx and crew. These funds also are used to get us started on our next project that will be filming in February. We count on your support each time so that we can continue to bring you fun and sometimes crazy, content to put in your Blu-ray player and add to your collection.

After a poor real estate decision a family man (David) finds himself in debt and can’t find a way out. While checking on one of his rental properties he happens upon a bag containing a half a million dollars. Will David take the money and possibly put his family in serious danger or will he find another way out. Death Blow will lead you down a path with twist and turns but is it the path of the righteous or the path of evil?

Blus, DVD’s, Props and Producer Credits still available, don’t miss out!!!



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