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HAPPY HORRORDAYS from Archie Comics

For those of us who know the secret that November and December are one long extended Halloween season, Archie Comics has us covered! Next week sees the release of HAPPY HORRORDAYS, a one-shot comic book with three original tales of yuletide terror just in time for the holidays. And in a nice twist, all are drawn from folklore traditions to make the comic not just scary fun but a nice fit with seasonal celebrations and storytelling.

Inside HAPPY HORRORDAYS you’ll find:

  • “‘Twas the Night Before the Hunger” — a return to the universe of the JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER series, in which a werewolf Jughead and monster hunter Betty take on Krampus himself, by series creators Frank Tieri (Deadpool) and Joe Eisma (Morning Glories).
  • “Cat Got Your Tongue” — a tale of chilly cryptid revenge by Joanne Starer (Sirens of the City) and artist Butch Mapa (Star Wars) featuring the terrifying Icelandic yule cat, Jólakötturinn.
  • “Wrath of the Sugar Plum Fairy” — a dark take on the sweet seasonal Archie characters Sugarplum the Fairy and Jingles the Elf by Joe Corallo (She Said Destroy) and artist Patrick Piazzalunga (Project Patron).

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