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Intense Gore of Amber Road has Audiences Squirming

Koa Aloha Media’s “Amber Road” isn’t exactly “Terrifier 2” but this close-up gore extravaganza had movie watchers squirming in their seats at its theatrical premiere as part of the Culver City Film Festival.

A full house at the Cinemark 18 and XD in Culver City, saw an audience cringing, cowering, and walking out at all the right moments.

“Amber Road” has an 87-minute runtime and is a constant assault on the audience as torture and violence ensue from the start. The movie begins with a husband and wife held captive in a basement dungeon. Their tormentor has a greater purpose slowly revealed as the story unfolds.

The movie adds layers of secrecy in a world where many things are not what they appear, as a deputy sheriff (Elissa Dowling) gets closer to solving the mystery behind her recently murdered husband.

“It was thrilling to see this theatrically and see the reaction of the audience,” notes writer/director B. Luciano Barsuglia. “During the moments of violence, people cringed and wriggled in their seats. A few walked out, but they all returned to see how the story was resolved. The gore was too intense for some people, but that was the goal.”

Actor Jed Rowen said, “I noticed the gore affected the crowd more because everyone was so sucked into the story.”

“Amber Road” has been touring the independent awards and festival circuit, having been in eight events and earning 21 awards so far.

“Amber Road” is directed by B. Luciano Barsuglia, and boasts an ensemble cast with William McNamara (“Copycat”), Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”), Robert La Sardo (“The Mule), Elissa Dowling (“The Most Dangerous Game”), Rachel Riley (“The Electric Man”), Jed Rowen (“Blind”), Mike Ferguson (“Amityville Uprising”), Vernon Wells (“The Road Warrior”), BJ Mezek (“Death Count”) and many others!

“Amber Road” is being released soon on DVD/Blu-Ray and all major on demand outlets.

Official Website: https://amberroadmovie.com



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