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The Devil Conspiracy Lands Trailer & Wide Theatrical Release

THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY, releasing theatrically in 1000+ theaters in January 2023 followed by a digital release from Samuel Goldwyn Films later in the year.

The sci-fi adventure/horror flick stars Alice Orr-Ewing (THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING), Joe Doyle (SALEM), Joe Anderson (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE), James Faulkner (ATOMIC BLONDE), Peter Mensah (THE INCREDIBLE HULK), and Brian Caspe (JOJO RABBIT).

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired North American digital rights to Nathan Frankowski’s sci-fi adventure/horror film THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY, it was announced today. Third Day Productions will release the film theatrically on January 13, 2023, followed by a digital release later next year.

Directed by Nathan Frankowski and written by Ed Alan, THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY stars Alice Orr-Ewing (THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING), Joe Doyle (SALEM), Eveline Hall (SUMMERTIME BLUES), Peter Mensah (THE INCREDIBLE HULK), Joe Anderson (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE), Brian Caspe (JOJO RABBIT), and James Faulkner (ATOMIC BLONDE). THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY was produced by Ed Alan and executive produced by Kevan Van Thompson, Vaclav Mottl, Michael Emerson, and Mike Sears.

A powerful biotech company has breakthrough technology allowing them to clone history’s most influential people with just a few fragments of DNA. Behind this company is a cabal of Satanists that steals the shroud of Christ putting them in possession of Jesus’ DNA. The clone will serve as the ultimate offering to the devil. Archangel Michael comes to earth and will stop at nothing to end the devil’s conspiracy.

“We are excited to bring THE DEVIL CONSPIRACY to filmgoers next year. We think audiences will love this thrilling and epic depiction of the battle between heaven and hell,” said Peter Goldwyn.

“Ed Alan and I are excited to be partnering with iconic Samuel Goldwyn. Our film is a thrill ride with epic ramifications which fits perfectly with Peter Goldwyn’s talent for finding audiences,” said Nathan Frankowski.

The deal was negotiated by Ed Alan on behalf of the filmmakers and by Peter Goldwyn on behalf of Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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