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‘Wolf Story’ Bites into Post-Production

Lycan or not, werewolves are back. Meeting the moment, tooth and nail is writer-director Daedalus Howell with his upcoming campy horror-comedy Wolf Story, now in post-production.

The film wrapped principal photography this Fall in Petaluma, CA, and marks the latest collaboration between producer Kary Hess and Howell whose previous movie together, Pill Head (​​“Possibly the most bizarre film ever made in Petaluma…” — Petaluma Argus-Courier), is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

An ode to the aging of Generation X with a rom-com spin, Wolf Story explores what happens when a burnt-out college professor accidentally becomes a werewolf and embraces the change to thwart an evil occultist plot… and save his marriage.

Wolf Story stars Howell, Emily Maya Keyishian, Mark P. Robinson, and Alia Beeton, and was produced using the “Regional Cinema Model” Howell recently discussed on Alex Ferrari’s podcast Indie Film Hustle. Like Howell’s previous film, Wolf Story is similarly targeted at a niche audience with regional theatrical exhibition planned as part its distribution roll-out through festivals and eventual streamers.

‘Wolf Story’ leans into lycanthropy with a nod to screwball romantic comedies and the expressionistic horror films of the mid-20th century,” says Howell. “It puts a comic spin on the ‘mid-life crises’ — from increasingly complicated relationships to body horror — mostly my own body horror.”

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