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OUT NOW! Shatter Messiah – “Hail The New Cross” (Power/Thrash Metal)

Lost, Found & Remastered!

With SHATTER MESSIAH, ex-Nevermore/ex-Annihilator guitarist Curran Murphy set out in spring 2005 to follow in the musical footsteps of his two predecessor bands and continue under his own banner. Stylistically, Shatter Messiah perfectly combines both aforementioned bands into a symbiosis that is capable of sending every lover of the genre into raptures. Unfortunately, fate did not favor the band, because although this third album of the band “Hail The New Cross” officially bears the release date of 2013, it does not appear at all in many official sources, archives and discographies.

What happened? The album was supposed to see the light of day in spring 2013 – and somehow it did, because there is indeed a pressed edition, as well as some reviews. Unfortunately, further distribution or a comprehensive distribution by the label did not take place. Already in July 2013, the label’s domain was “suspended”, from then on there was no sign of life and “Hail The New Cross” disappeared in status between “released but forgotten”. Anno 2022 it is high time to drag this gem out of the shadows into the light and finally – and for many for the first time – make it accessible to a broad public with a remastered sound!

Greg Wagner – vocals
Dusty Hold – guitar
Cyrran Murphy – guitar
Jason Chamberlain – bass
Robert Falzano – drums

Band: Shatter Messiah
Release title: Hail The New Cross
Label: MDD Records
Release date: 26 August 2022
Format: CD, Digital
Genre: Power/Thrash Metal

1. Disconnecting
2. Future Fails
3. Memory Flames
4. How Deep The Scar
5. Loyal Betrayer
6. Gods Of Divinity
7. Mercenary Machine
8. This Addiction

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