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ViX+ Celebrates Halloween with Three New Exclusive Horror Films

Three incredible new Spanish-language horror films – “Mexzombies,” “Presencias,” and “El Vestido De La Novia” – available exclusively on ViX+

  • “Mexzombies” (available October 26) – Mexico’s first-ever Zombie movie starring Iñaki Godoy, Marcelo Barceló, Roberta Damián, Luciana Vale, Vincent Webb, Daniel Tovar and Bárbara de Regil, “Mexzombies”  follows the adventures of two somewhat misfit teenagers: Cronos, a lover of classic cinema, and Tavo, an aspiring parkour expert. Along with their friends from the exclusive Sierra Linda neighborhood, they must face the unexpected challenge of preventing a zombie apocalypse in Mexico City. As they test their friendship, they also search for their first love. “Mexzombies” mixes comedy, action and horror in a film for young people of all ages.
  • “Presencias” (available now) – Victor Constantino (Alberto Amman) returns to the cabin where he spent his childhood, hoping to put it up for sale. However, following a harrowing tragedy, he will be forced to face his worst nightmares.  This suspense and horror story stars Yalitza Aparicio’s in her first feature film since “Roma.”
  • “El Vestido De La Novia” (available now) – Starring Cristina Rodlo, Mariano Palacios, Paola Arrioja, Paulette Hernández and Claudia Lobo, “El Vestido De La Novia” tells the story of Sara, who has always dreamed of getting married and finding the perfect wedding dress. Things take a horrific turn when days into her search, a mysterious package arrives at her door, setting off a series of cursed events and disturbing visions. The film is produced by Jimena Rodríguez and Joseph Hemsani and directed by Roque Falabella.

Each of these films is available exclusively on ViX+ across the United States, Mexico and most Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. We think Hispanic readers would love to learn about some great new Spanish-language horror movies.

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