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Live Orchestral Halloween Album Releasing this Fall

Live Orchestral Halloween Album Releasing this Fall

The album is filled with the composer’s nostalgia for childhood celebrations of Halloween and the fall season. 

Film and television composer, George Streicher, composed ten spine-tingling tracks for his upcoming Halloween-themed album, “Music of the Macabre,” performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra & Choir and various soloists. The album is available on CD, Audio Cassette, Digital Download and Streaming starting September 5, 2022.

The album aims to capture the spirit of Halloween. For Streicher, the holiday, “meant hay rides, haunted houses, renting scary movies, and trick-or-treating through our idyllic Illinois suburb.” These memories and nostalgia for the season inspired some tracks on the album and others pay homage to music you would hear in a haunted house, movies, or retro Halloween CD or cassette. Streicher’s hometown even inspired some of the album’s artwork.


1. Opening: Among the Headstones

2. Scherzo for a Harvest Moon

3. The Autumn Wind

4. The Witching Hour

5. Mephisto Tango

6. Samhain

7. The Haunted House

7. The Ghost of John

9. Memories of Halloween

10. Closing: Samhain (A Cappella)

Streicher could even envision these tracks becoming the score to a horror film in the future. “A lot of these tracks drew inspiration from classical, folk and old-fashioned horror film scores. I didn’t imagine I was scoring a film, necessarily, but I tried to capture a vibe of macabre fun and a sort of nostalgia for the season. There are many little musical easter eggs that serve as the backbone of several pieces on the album. For example, I took the sound effect from an old shaking ghost decoration I had as a kid and developed that into an entire piece.”

Streicher recently finished working on Tubi’s “Corrective Measures,” which is a sci-fi action film starring Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker. He has previously composed various original scores for features like “Heroes of the Golden Masks,” starring Patton Oswalt, “Go Fish,” and “Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom.” He has also worked on several television projects including Comedy Bang Bang’s “Total Badass Wrestling” and Nickelodeon’s “The Smurfs.”

For more info on George, fans can learn more on his website and find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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