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Twisted Horror Anthology The Fridge is Red

The Fridge is Red, the first-person horror anthology series with PS1-inspired visuals from developer 5WORD Team and publisher tinyBuild, haunts Steam on Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

Step into the life of Frank, an overworked and underpaid employee trying to provide for his family by fixing appliances on the side. When a virtually unfixable red fridge is dropped off for repair, it’s left in his basement without a second thought until his life turns upside down and spins out of control.

Explore the recesses of Frank’s mind while avoiding the evil hellspawn that have infected his world, looking for remnants of normalcy. Search for the answers that are tearing away at Frank’s sanity and unravel the mystery of the red fridge as well as the other five chapters making up the anthology.

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