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Buffalo Bill’s House Opens the Much Anticipated ‘Well’


The Famous Film Location for the Iconic ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ Adds the Infamous Well to ‘Buffalo Bill’s Workshop of Horrors’ 

Be Among the First to Stay and Enter the Well If You Dare! 

Buffalo Bill’s House,  the iconic home to the cinematic serial killer of the same name in the five-time Academy Award winning film, The Silence of the Lambs, is celebrating its one year anniversary. The biggest part of the celebration is the official opening of the much anticipated ‘well.’ The infamous well where Buffalo Bill keeps his victims captive as featured in the climax of the film, is an actual hole dug four feet deep into the ground in the former coal cellar in the house.  

The interactive well set was designed by artists from the world famous Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effects Program at the Douglas Education Center in Monessen, PA.  The well itself is constructed of real granite with all the gruesome markings from the movie, including bloody finger nail scratches along the wall.  Upon entering the interactive well set located in the basement of the house, guests will immediately be greeted by sounds of dripping water along with sound clips from the film of the victim Catherine Martin (played by Brooke Smith) screaming for her life.  And speaking of the famous movie hostage, there is a jumpsuit and curly haired wig which guests are encouraged to wear to get into Catherine’s character. Brave guests can actually physically enter into the well for gruesome photo opps. And of course there is a stuffed “Precious,” the little white poodle owned by the killer, a bucket, complete with lotion, which can be raised and lowered, as well tube and nob lighting to add to the eerie effect. To complete the chilling scene, there is also a hose for guests who want to channel Buffalo Bill’s character. “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again,” Buffalo Bill says to a horrified Martin.  The effect is not only truly chilling but one of the most memorable and quoted lines in film history.

“The well is the work of our talented and passionate professionals at the Savini School who spared no attention to detail to recreate a well as much like the one in the film as possible,” said Tom Savini, head of Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effects Program. “The only discernible difference is you can’t actually keep someone prisoner in this one,” he joked. “This is the type of project our school loves to be part of, paying homage to a film masterpiece like Silence. We are very pleased with the outcome and the collaboration with Buffalo Bill’s House.”

“Working with the Tom Savini professionals has been truly inspiring,” said Chris Rowan, owner of Buffalo Bill’s House, who himself is a prop stylist and art director by profession. “The talent, attention to detail and commitment to this project has been unwavering and we’re thrilled to share that the interactive well set is now officially open for visitors to enjoy and recreate the terrifying scene for themselves. We encourage the fans to come check out what we hope is an unforgettable, unique interactive experience.”

The week also marks the one year anniversary of the opening of the boutique accommodation. Guests at Buffalo Bill’s House, which continues to be available for overnight guest stays, can now be among the first to stay in the house and check out the newest addition, the infamous well. When people book a stay at Buffalo Bill’s House, it is a private rental that offers exclusive use of the entire house only with the people they have booked with.  The house accommodates a maximum number of eight guests at a time and does not allow any unauthorized visitors or large parties to the home or on the premises.  Guests have full use of all living areas including the kitchen, dining, living and parlor rooms.

Buffalo Bill’s House is the actual site of the filming of the cinematic climax of The Silence of the Lambs, including the famous scene where Buffalo Bill, played by actor Ted Levine, first meets Jodie Foster’s FBI agent character, Clarice Starling, face to face at the front door (yes, it’s the real door!). Fans will not only recognize the famed front doorway of Buffalo Bill’s House but also the exterior of the home, the entry foyer, the dining room, and kitchen leading to the basement, all of which had scenes from The Silence of the Lambs shot in them with the two stars.

The interactive well set is the newest addition to what Rowan calls ‘Buffalo Bill’s Workshop of Horrors’ in the basement of the house, where he has re-created the famous set from the film complete with vintage Singer sewing machine, disco ball, four female mannequins dressed to resemble the ones in the movie, as well as a full length mirror and Buffalo Bill style kimono for guests’ use, designed to help fans get ‘in the mood’ to live out their Buffalo Bill fantasies. To truly set the mood, “Goodbye Horses,” the haunting song that plays during the famous Buffalo Bill dance scene, goes on auto play, as folks enter the basement. 

Rowan affirmed, “We encourage fans to put on the Buffalo Bill kimono and ‘get their tuck on’.”  And that’s exactly what fans have been doing since the house opened last year. 

Upstairs, in the attic, Rowan has designed what he calls ‘Buffalo Bill’s Playhouse,’ a full retro-inspired game room that features a large screen TV complete with a 400+ library of select 70’s, 80’s and 90’s films on DVD and VHS to enjoy.  A self-described fan of ‘physical media,’ Rowan has also tricked out the Playhouse with a host of full-sized classic arcade video games including Asteroids, Pac Man, Super Street Fighter, Galaga, NBA Jam and Crazy Taxi. Most recent video game additions to the collection include Mortal Kombat, The Simpsons, Centipede and Final Fight. There is also a pool table that, when flipped over, doubles as an air hockey table.

Rowan is currently conducting limited guided tours of the home (in addition to overnight stays) and just announced fall weekend tour dates of September 23, 24 and 25 and October 28, 29, 30.  Details may be found on the website. 

 The majestic Buffalo Bill’s House, built in 1910, is a magnificent three-story, four-bedroom Queen Anne Victorian home that sits on two acres of lush riverfront property in the town of Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh. It is a one-of-a-kind private rental and guests get exclusive use of the entire house only with the party they have booked with.  

Buffalo Bill’s House has retained much of its original charm, and features the original hardwood floors, woodwork, light fixtures, pocket doors, and fireplaces, all in pristine condition.  The famed Buffalo Bill’s House also features a wraparound porch and gazebo, a rose bed garden and fountain out front, a three-car detached garage, a vintage train caboose that sits next to the in-ground pool (to open next year) and a firepit located on the expansive grounds. The home also sits along the Youghiogheny River and provides beautiful views of the river from the house.

Buffalo Bill’s House features beautiful ‘period correct’ furniture throughout the property including a gorgeous dining set, with genuine period glassware for guests’ use, a parlor room, complete with decorative antique harp and church organ, and a large accommodating living room with comfortable couches and chairs to lounge on. On the second floor of the house are four well-appointed bedrooms, all with four poster beds, with each room appropriately named after characters from the film — the master bedroom suite is ‘Buffalo Bill’s’, then there are the ‘Hannibal’ and ‘Clarice’ rooms, and of course, the ‘Precious’ room, which features twins bed, perfect for families visiting with children.

Guests have full use of the kitchen and appliances, stove and dishware and are welcome to buy and bring food to cook. Coffee pods, tea, creamer and sugar are provided. Guests are also permitted to use the charcoal grill outside and marshmallow skewers are even available for making s’mores by the firepit. All guests receive a branded gift with their stay. 

One of the most unique features of the house is the artwork, much of which has been donated by artists from around the world and who are fans of the movie. The works of art include oil painting portraits of the Lord and Lady of the house, Buffalo Bill and Clarice, as well as a gilded framed taxidermy death’s head moth, a central creature in the film that serves as Buffalo Bill’s metamorphic inspiration. There are several death’s heads located strategically throughout the house.


Buffalo Bill’s House is also a ‘cinematic destination’ and makes an ideal film location site. It is currently open for booking on-location film and cinematic projects as well. 


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