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TEASER TRAILER : ’Sinbad VI: The Sixth Voyage’


Sequel to 2014 Shahin Sean Solimon and Patrick Stewart film in the works

Giant Flick has announced the highly anticipated ’Sinbad VI: The Sixth Voyage’.

The project, now fully developed and ready for the next phase, will star Shahin (Sean) Solimon, who also returns as director having helmed The Fifth Voyage (2014). The film, released theatrically, has since received millions of views worldwide.

The live-action adventure ‘Sinbad VI: The Sixth Voyage’  is a continuation of Sinbad the Sailor’s fairy tale adventures.

Shahin (Sean) Solimon, who has been acknowledged as the first Persian-American actor to play ‘Sinbad the Sailor’ in an American made film, says : “The learning curve has been awesome, and I feel I know this genre and character well and based on feedback, know what the fans want, worldwide. My goal is to carry the role much deeper, authentic, yet fun, exciting and with a touch of nostalgia for the swashbuckling Sinbad. Also looking to present it with super-cool visuals and of course the story line. To me the project is really a work of art that is inspired by the Arabian Nights fairy tale adventures from centuries ago, and the idea is to present it from a fresh view for entertainment and enjoyment, universally.”

He continues, “I feel with a like-minded team on both sides of the camera we can do something special, and beyond.”

Solimon is now courting funding and distribution partners for the film.

You can get more info from the director’s social media: https://www.facebook.com/shahinsolimon



For more information about Giant Flick Films go to:

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