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Mondo Macabro and CAV present The Horrible Sexy Vampire

Mondo Macabro and CAV present The Horrible Sexy Vampire – The world Blu-ray premier of this notorious Euro horror rarity

The Horrible Sexy Vampire
1 Blu-ray disc
Label:  Mondo Macabro
Preorder:  9/16/22    Release: 10/11/22
MSRP:  $29.95
UPC:  843276025496
Catalogue #:  MDO254
Genre:  Horror
90 minutes in Spanish and English, with English subtitles
MPAA Rating:  NR
Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1
DTS-HD MA 2.0 Mono
Region code: All
Production year:  1971 in Germany
Director:  José Luis Madrid
Cast:  Wal Davis, Barta Barri, Patricia Loran, Ada Tauler, Luis Induni, Anastasio Campoy, Susan Carvasal, Victor Davis

HORRIBLE SEXY VAMPIRE promo trailer from Mondo Macabro on Vimeo.

A series of murders is being committed. Both men and women are victims of a mystery assassin. The police think it is the work of a serial killer. The coroner is not sure it is so simple. He has been studying the case and has discovered that for nearly a hundred years in the same district people, have been killed in the same way and according to a very distinct time pattern.

To the astonishment of the investigating officer, the coroner says he believes the killings to be the work of a supernatural creature – a vampire. Soon a stranger arrives in the area, claiming to be the sole descendent of the long dead baron who was believed to be a vampire. He accompanies the police into the burial vaults of the ancient castle, where a dreadful sight awaits them.

Something of a holy grail for fans of European horror cinema, and notorious for its frequent scenes of nudity, the film has been unavailable for many years. This is a world premier Blu-ray release. Filmed in Germany in the snowy winter of 1969, the film has a unique and morbid atmosphere and features an astonishing performance from Jess Franco favorite Wal Davis as both vampire and victim.

Special Features:
Brand new 4k transfer from 35mm materials, digitally restored.
Audio commentary from David Flint and Adrian J. Smith.
Animated press book and publicity stills.
English and Spanish audio options.
Newly translated English subtitles.
Mondo Macabro previews.


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