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Avenue Zero | Horror-Comedy Out Now From Gravitas Ventures

Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Allison Siko stars with Braeson Herold, in his Freakshow award-winning performance, in Zero Avenue – available now to rent or buy on Apple TV via Gravitas Ventures.

Equal parts comedy, horror and family drama, Zero Avenue is a morbid meet-cute dancing on the edge of hysteria. Joshua and Veronica take us on a wildly inventive encounter where they trick, drug, and flirt with each other, ending up paralyzed, in suitcases, or roller-skating into insanity… all the while, falling in love (and covered in blood).


So, he hires Veronica to fulfill his wish of domination.

Fetish is her specialty; for the right price she’s up for anything.

As the role-play progresses, though, things get out of hand and Joshua’s health is compromised.

With a heart bigger than her instincts, Veronica sticks around and helps him get back on the mend. In doing so, the dynamic shifts and we find out the real reason Joshua wants Veronica…

He is an immortal searching for his mother… and he’s convinced she lives inside Veronica, reincarnated and ready to be set free.

Directed by Daniel Frei and written by Braeson Herold, ZERO AVENUE is dialogue-driven with quick-witted characters exploring a thoughtful meditation on the dangers of family… and the unknown.

ZERO AVENUE is available now to rent & buy on Apple Movies

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