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Esme, My Love, Slow-burn drama – Trailer

Esme, My Love, which “begins as a slow-burn drama [and evolves into] a haunting thriller” [-Film Threat] It is the feature directorial debut of Emmy Award-winning sound mixer Cory Choy.

Esme, My Love features a “…heartfelt…chilling…and completely flawless” [-PositivelyHorror] performance from a 9-year-old Audrey Grace Marshall and Stacey Weckstein (The Sound of Your Voice) and, according to MovieMaker Magazine it’s “gorgeously shot… earning intense festival buzz” winning awards at Manhattan Film Festival (Best Psychological Thriller), Richmond International Film Festival (Best Cinematography) , Cannes World Film Festival (Best New Director, Best Suspense/Thriller, Best Cinematography), and the Transparent Film Festival (Best Director, Best Score).

Esme My Love – Official Trailer – Dir. Cory Choy from Silver on Vimeo.

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