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Black Altar – “Arcana of the Higher principles”

Black Altar – “Arcana of the Higher principles”
Release Date: July 2022
Country: Poland

For fans of Carpathian Forest, Marduk, KRIEGSGOTT

Zazen Sounds, run by V.P. Adept (leader of Acherontas), announces a new release of BLACK ALTAR – ‘ Arcana of the Higher Principles ‘. It is a compilation of tracks from the 3 splits: with Kirkebrann, Beastcraft and Varathron/Thornspawn. As a bonus, there is a new title composition specially recorded for this material, which is one of the most brutal in Black Altar’s discography. A total of 14 Unholy Black Metal opuses show the development of Black Altar’s art during the last years.

You can preorder your fourteen tracks of Black Altar’s malignant magnificence digitally here:

1. Arcana of the Higher Principles (Taken from the split with KIRKEBRANN “Deus Inversus”, 2020)
2. Deus Inversus
3. Ancient Warlust
4. Outro (Taken from the split with BEASTCRAFT “Winds ov Decay”, 2017)
5. Intro
6. Tophet
7. Winds ov Decay
8 Pentagram Sacrifice (Beastcraft cover)
9. Outro
10. Tophet (industrialized by PreEmptive Strike 0.1) (Taken from the split with VARATHRON and THORNSPAWN, “Emissaries of the Darkened
Call”, 2012)
11. Intro
12. Nighthunter
13. I’m Demon
14. Deep Cut into the Open Wound of Mankind



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