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The Highlands Horror Film Festival Adds a New Board Member for the 2022 Edition

“We are proud to have homegrown horror maven Jay Kay join our Board of Directors for the 2022 edition of the Highlands Horror Film Festival. Jay was a great help in organizing last year’s Highlands Horror Film Fest, showcasing his film, consulting, and leading several filmmaker discussions with expert commentary,” said Director of the Highlands Horror Film Fest Rob Kneller.

A 7x Rondo Hatton Award Nominee for his journalism and the decade long horror talk radio program “Horror Happens Radio,”Jay Kay also is a Staff Writer for the award winning HorrorHound Magazine and the Director of the HorrorHound Virtual Film Market.

He works with numerous genre film festivals globally and is an Award Winning Filmmaker for the experimental, short film based on the New Jersey urban legend called “[Within the Frame].” Jay Kay will work alongside Kneller and his team to grow the blossoming horror film festival that is entering its fourth year.

“I love this opportunity to grow a roots horror film festival in my home state. The Highlands Horror team are passionate fans and horror film fanatics,” said Jay Kay. The Highlands Horror Film Fest is billed as New Jersey’s funkiest film festival and takes place annually in Highlands, New Jersey nicknamed “The beginning of the Jersey Shore.”

#HHFF will take place October 7th & 8th and will feature homegrown horror projects, student horror films, plus an array of programmed horror shorts, documentaries, animation, and feature films for all fans! For more information on the Highland Horror Film Festival, head over to Highlands Film Fest – Film Festival, Festival. Filmmakers can also still submit their projects until August 15, 2022 at Highlands Horror Film Fest – FilmFreeway. For more information, interviews, questions, or sponsorship, contact Rob Kneller at NJFilmFest@gmail.com or call 973-724-9841.

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