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Cast of Sci-Fi “Alpha Code” Believe in Extra Terrestrials

L to R: Couture, Richards, Foster – Courtesy of Vision Films, Inc.

What do a celebrity model/actress and former UFC Heavyweight champ and a martial artist have in common?

Randy Couture, UFC Heavyweight Champ and actor, actress Denise Richards, and Australian actor and martial artist Bren Foster not only star together in the soon-to-be-released ALPHA CODE, they also all believe other life exists out there!  Once they read this script, met, and worked with the man who lived the story, they were sold and advise all to “watch this film and keep an open mind.”

Based on the true story lived by filmmaker Milan Friedrich, Vision Films Inc. (“Vision”) recently announced the US and Canadian VOD release of the sci-fi feature film Alpha Code for VOD on June 14, 2022.

The film, inspired by real events that happened to the film’s screenplay writer and producer Milan Friedrich in Scotland, was shot entirely in and around Prague in areas known for otherworldly sightings and experiences. Friedrich’s former engineering work on electromagnetic levitation generators was the impetus for the story and incorporated into the film. The film crew was given access to shoot in former Cold War atomic storage bunkers that add to the film’s dramatic setting and action sequences.

Synopsis: After losing both his wife and his daughter in a series of mysterious disappearances, a man begins to see a strange symbol everywhere he goes. Waking up in the hospital and held captive by armed agents, he escapes and encounters a woman who seemingly holds knowledge of a larger conspiracy involving alien abductions and the creation of human hybrids.

Lise Romanoff, CEO/Managing Director of Vision Films shares, “Alpha Code is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride. Based on real life events makes it even more exciting and will entertain audiences who love sci-fi, alien abduction stories and true action adventure films.”

Writer/producer Milan Friedrich adds, “Lise and I share the same passion for movies that are based on true events which was the main driving force for closing the distribution deal with Vision and getting Alpha Code out there. Alpha Code is a movie not only for people who have shared similar experiences, but also for “the unchosen” to learn reasons behind alien abductions. We are grateful to be on this journey with such a great partner as Vision Films.”

Starring: Bren Foster (Mad Max), Randy Couture (The Expendables), Denise Richards (The World Is Not Enough), Marek Vasut (Mission: Impossible)

Alpha Code will be available on June 14 on all major streaming and cable platforms in the US and Canada.

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