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NEW TRAILER & PREMIERE: ‘Charles Band’s Full Moon Freakshow’

This week, for its FIRST ass-kicking episode, Charlie welcomes his old pal, the iconic director and composer John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, Escape From New York) for an intimate, revealing, relaxed, and often HILARIOUS candid conversation. Some folks might not know that Carpenter – under the nom de plume John T. Chance – served as editor of Charlie’s FIRST feature film, 1973’s softcore comedy Last Foxtrot In Burbank. The stories these two titans share will leave your jaw properly dropped!

HERE is the link to the first episode (via Apple Podcast)

“Charles Band’s Full Moon Freakshow” is available as a vidcast show on Full Moon Features and Full Moon’s Amazon Prime channel and an audio podcast on every known podcast platform. -New episodes will arrive every Tuesday. Next week, Charlie welcomes Oscar-nominated screenwriter and Full Moon superfan, John Logan (Gladiator, The Aviator, Skyfall, Alien Covenant, “Penny Dreadful) for an awesome chat about their shared love of monsters and Logan’s new Blumhouse horror film, THEY/THEM.

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