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First Look Trailer: Find Her

Find Her: First Look Trailer

Here is the first look trailer for the noir thriller FIND HER (Nick McCallum, Richard Gunn, Anais Lilit, Stelio Savante, and John James).


The lead cast includes Nick McCallum (Burning Kentucky), Richard Gunn (Clemency), Anais Lilit (The Walking Dead: Red Machete), Stelio Savante (Running For Grace), John James (Axcellerator), Rebecca Lines (The Falcon and The Winter Soldier), Randal Gonzalez (Greenland), Sydney Bullock (Stranger Things), Mary Drew Ahrens, John Daniel Gates, and G. Andrew Ahrens, who also serves as producer.

Directed by lead Nick McCallum from his own script, the film was shot in Louisiana and Florida. It features cinematography by Emmy award-winning director of photography Evan Zissimopulos.

Best described as ‘Brick’ meets ‘Gone Baby Gone’, the synopsis reads as follows:

Ex-cop Isaiah Slade arrives as a stranger in a small town searching for answers to a murdered ranch owner and his missing daughter. As he navigates a long list of possible suspects with plenty of motive, it slowly becomes clear that Slade has his own secrets to reveal.


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