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Nouveau Arcade And The Anix Channel The 90s With Cover Of The Cure’s “Apart” (feat. Cordélia)

Nouveau Arcade and The Anix channel the early 90s with this synthwave alternative cover of The Cure’s “Apart.” Originally released in 1992 on The Cure’s album Wish, “Apart” features the sultry ethereal vocals of Cordélia woven into an atmospheric soundscape of wistful yearning for a relationship that has ceased to be.

“It’s the ultimate breakup song!” states Nouveau Arcade. “I love The Cure and thought it’d be fun. It’s not necessarily one of their super hit songs, but it’s known in the underground cure fanbase.”

“Apart” (feat. Cordélia) is out now from independent multi-genre music label FiXT.

Blending ’80s nostalgia with modern pop and electronic influences, Seattle, Washington’s Nouveau Arcade is prepared to make their mark on the world. The duo consists of Kevin Preston and Len Hotrum, long-time collaborators who have known each other for the better part of two decades.

The pair have a notable history together with their project The Crying Spell, touring with well known bands including Killing Joke, Julien-K, VAST, and playing shows alongside Thriving Ivory, Filter, and The Birthday Massacre. The Crying Spell also performed an NFL halftime show for the Seattle Seahawks after receiving strong fan support, and they were the winner of MTV’s Freshman Four competition.

With Nouveau Arcade, the duo have morphed from their electro-rock sound into a retro-futuristic hybrid style – somewhere between familiar darkened wave influences à la Depeche Mode or The Cure and contemporary dubstep and electronica elements from club acts like Nero and Deadmau5. Kevin and Len have named the result “modwave.”

Combining the pair’s admirable creative background and diverse songwriting skills with their collaborator Stefan Scherperel’s expertise in photography and music videos, Nouveau Arcade is soon to be one of the most talked about acts in music today.



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