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Top Horror Themed Slot Games

Slot games for many, many years have always been based around offering entertainment, but most importantly, allowing gamblers to tap into the stories and fiction that they are passionate about. For horror movie fans, slot games based on the most terrifying of stories and movies, actually do exist-but not in large numbers. If you are an avid horror fan and want to integrate that into your everyday slot gambling activities, you have come to the right place to explore more on the titles available out there.

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Lost Vegas 

Lost Vegas is a slot game that is provided by the software developer kings, Microgaming. This game highlights everything horror worthy, with undead monsters, and vampires being the monsters you have to defeat within your slot game. While the game operates in multiple variations, it does offer survivor mode, where you will need to tread carefully in the game mode and kill as many foes as possible!

As you can already tell, the game is super heavy when slot features are concerned, meaning you will need to be prepared to jump to the game’s special features and their introductions, mid-way into your gaming session. The Blackout Bonus is probably the scariest part of playing the game, and for that reason, jumpy anxiety must be welcome before you click play. You have been warned in advance.

Circus of Horror

This blood-chilling slot game provides players with scary clowns that resemble the horror story ‘IT’. Therefore, if you have a phobia of clowns, it may be best that you look away. As well as clowns, there are scary circuses, killer mummies, and demons. So, you will have the whole shebang really.

The slot itself is a high volatility slot game that adds additional special features to give you more chance of reeling in some winnings. These bonus features themselves are gruesome in their own right, however, should you manage to land 3x the multiplier symbols, say hello to a nice bonus win. The graphics throughout the whole entire game are not for the faint hearted, so be warned!


Dracula brings together all the tales of old that many have grown up to fear. It makes every sense that a slot game would be created to honour the oldest of historic tales to date. NetEnt took the plunge amongst some other software developers of the times, and we have to say NetEnt’s version of the tale, does the horror story the most justice.

This slot game is animation heavy, meaning you can expect to see all the gore and blood that Dracula would bring from the tale of vampires. Additionally, NetEnt made very good use of the storyline and its influence on the bonus features, and high value symbols that are necessary to form an entertaining gambling experience. There is an extra row of symbols that can be added to your ways to win, in addition to a stacking symbol feature which can activate a secret bonus game where you must personally stack as many symbols as possible to activate a hidden fixed jackpot of the game. Facing Dracula himself, you will also face those he has turned, and all those who serve him. So, let’s just say the game is pretty epic, and if you loved other vampire instalments like Bloodsuckers 1 and 2, this game should be right up your street, no questions asked.


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