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The Avengers Suit up as Monster Hunters in Brand-New Mech Strike Comic Series!

Last month, a brand-new era of MARVEL MECH STRIKE was announced, complete with a new season, new merchandise, and of course, a brand-new limited series tie-in comic! Starting in June, MECH STRIKE: MONSTER HUNTERS will be five-issue saga written by Christos Gage and drawn by Paco Diaz. The series will feature Iron Man, Black Panther, Hulk, and more of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes outfitted in their brand-new monster-hunting mech suits!

In last year’s AVENGERS: MECH STRIKE, the Avengers donned new mech armor to battle an unprecedented threat. Now a trio of the world’s most notorious super villains, assembled by Doctor Doom, have used the Eye of the Kraken to give themselves a mystical – and monstrous! –  upgrade. In order to defeat their foes, the Avengers must undergo a similar transformation – and become MONSTER HUNTERS! But will the heroes be consumed by their dark new powers?

“I’ve been a fan of giant robots and Marvel comics since I was a little kid,” Gage said. “The only other thing I loved as much was monsters. And now Mech Strike has gone and put them all together! It’s like I’ve been preparing my whole life to write this comic. You’ll get heroes, villains, giant mech suits, monsters, and monster mech suits…everything a great comic book should have! It’s the Avengers fighting the Marvel Universe’s deadliest villains to prevent a monster apocalypse. But can they prevent themselves from becoming the very monsters they’re trying to stop? Artist Paco Diaz is pulling out all the stops to melt your eyeballs when you see this! Hmm…eyeballs…yeah, we just might have a few of those too…”

Check out the brand-new main cover by Pere Pérez and pick up the next Mech Strike epic when MECH STRIKE: MONSTER HUNTERS #1 hits stands this June! For more information, visit Marvel.com.


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