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New Gory Book From Horrify Me Featuring Tom Savini


Controversial photography studio Horrify Me has launched a brand new art book, called Portraits of Horror, to showcase the weirdly beautiful side of the macabre and grotesque…

A good portrait photo can be a real confidence boost for many, helping people to love the skin they’re in. Even if that skin is rotten and peeling away, dripping with gore, or covered in the blood of a hapless victim.

Rick Jones has been transforming everyday folk into a wide range of nightmarish creatures, and shooting bizarre horror portraits, since 2014. He applies all kinds of terrifying makeup to faces, from decayed zombie flesh, demonic wounds, and blood-drenched fangs. His award winning work is well known around the world thanks to social media, despite the controversial banning of so much of what he produces. Make no mistake, Rick does not hold back when it comes to gory horror in his portraiture and some of it is just too much for general online audiences. But horror fans are crazy for it!

A life-long horror fanatic, Rick is an artist who is completely enchanted by the genre. His work has proven so popular that even horror film luminaries have supported him and contributed to this new book. The book includes an introduction by the legendary makeup artist Tom Savini, and written contributions by writer / director duo the Soska Twins, actress Linnea Quigley, and extreme horror author Matt Shaw.

But it’s not just horror fans that love his work. Students in media makeup have studied his photos and attended open days at his studio, artists have copied his images, and there’s a particularly big following of his work among the world’s tattooists, as many hundreds of his photos are tattooed onto people every year.

Portraits of Horror is a luxurious hardback volume, containing over 280 full colour pages packed with sensational creative horror portraits. But be warned, there is a LOT of blood on show, so much so that Tom Savini commented that he felt like there should be blood on his hands just from handling the pages.

The book has received amazing feedback from buyers and is available from www.horrify.me.uk priced £39.99 plus shipping, and it ships worldwide.

Full info and pictures: www.horrify.me.uk/portraitsofhorror

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